Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh Yes It Is...


And we're pretty EXCITED about that!

(This is Nadia's, "Hey Mom, I'm home from school" dissheveled look.)

No Fall pictures yet since it's still humid and rather warm here in NC, but I'm getting out the decorations this weekend and may even bake a few loaves of pumpkin bread to kick off the most wonderful time of the year!

What will you be doing to usher in the official beginning of Autumn???

Thursday, September 1, 2011

No More Preschool Pen For Me

Today was my first day of preschool which means that I'll be doing school just like Allen, Josi, and Michael this year!  Don't get me wrong, being at home and hanging out with my brothers and sister was a lot of fun, but I'm excited about being with kids my own age and learning all of that cool preschool stuff!

Here I am yesterday when my mom took me to see my classroom and to meet my teachers.

I got to play with my teachers and check out some of the really fun toys they have.

I'm used to being hugged a lot at home so I'm glad my teachers like to hug too!

Another cool toy that my teacher helped me figure out how to make work.

I guess they're not going to allow me to pull hair here either. Bummer.

Here's where I get to hang my backpack!

And guess what?  My hook is right next to Milana's !  My mom took some pictures of us together but I think she's saving those for another post. 

Back to today...my first real day of preschool. 
 Ready or not, here I come!!!

Hmmm...not sure what Mommy put in this backpack but it feels like a ton of bricks!

I mean look at this thing!  It's as big as I am.  What's up with that???

I think I'll just take a load off until the 'bus' gets here.  And just in case they don't give us snacks at this school, I think I'll munch on this leaf for some extra sustenance.

The 'bus' is here!  I get to sit next to Milana but we have to pick her up next.
This isn't the same as my carseat but I'm game to try something new.

Umm...Mommy, you might want to stop taking pictures and help this nice lady with the strap thingies or we may never get to my new school.
Mommy, are you crying?  It's ok...really.  I'm going to see you very soon and I promise I'll have lots of fun and take good notes about what I've done all day. 

Ok, so bye-bye for now. I might catch a little snooze on the way to school if that's ok.

And don't worry, Mommy.  I'll be waiting eagerly to see you at the end of my school day.