Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Friday, July 23, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Nadia got to attend her first baseball game the other night.  My brother-in-law, Mike, is the manager for the Columbus Clippers who were in town for a 4-game stand against the Durham Bulls.  Both of these teams are at the top of their respective divisions, so this series was an important one for both teams.  They ended up splitting the series 2 games apiece. (boo).

Anyway, it was about 100 degrees but thanks to the prime seats my BIL gets us, we were in the shade and cooled off slightly by the overhead fans!!!

Nadia was a trooper as she started out on Nonna's lap but ended up on many, many others throughout the game.

Keeping the little one well hydrated! (Wish I could take credit for how well her outfit coordinates with her sippy cup!  However, it was just by chance.)

Getting ready to cheer for the Clippers in the midst of the home crowd rooting for the Bulls.

The "Michaels" enjoying more cousin time.

Marin and Josi were WAY more interested in what Nadia was doing than in how the game was going.

My sister Stephanie is on the left and my sister Nicole, on the right, is Mike's wife.  Lucky her--she gets to go to tons of baseball games in 100 degree weather. :)

See what I mean? (Girls, the baseball game is in the other direction).

Let's play, "Pass the Nadia."

I got my hands on her all of 5 minutes the entire game.  (Yes, that is a vein you see bulging out my temple.  I usually dress up as the Bride of Frankenstein for Halloween--very convincing costume! ha ha)

Even my nephew Adam held Nadia, which is the first time we could convince him to do so.  He loves his new cousin, he just doesn't do the "drooling" thing. :)

So Nadia decided that the funnel cake my Dad was eating should definitely be shared!  She reached out with all 5 of those chubby fingers...

knocked my Dad's glasses off...and got herself a mouthful! I'm thinking this girl is going to fit right in with the rest of us funnel-cake loving Fergusons!

It was now almost 10:00 and this is my little girl who was used to being tucked in every night at 8:30pm at the orphanage.  Ya think she's enjoying her new schedule???

Nadia is giving one final round of applause for Uncle Mike's team winning the game!!!

Thanks again Mike for the tickets.  We had a great time...but next time you play the Bulls, can it be in March?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

La Famiglia

On Sunday, the Italian side of my family (My Mom's side) got to meet Nadia.  My Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bob, along with my Uncle Lou and Aunt Beverly, hosted a "Welcome Nadia to the Family" Party.  Our family is known for large get-togethers with lots of food and fun and this gathering was no different. 

The first to get their hands on Nadia is my Mom's older brother, "Uncle Dick".  Most little kids don't warm up this easily to my Uncle's "charms", but Nadia seemed to think he was pretty great!

My cousins Jill and David and their 3 kids joined the party and got some Nadia time as well.

My Mom's sister, Aunt Sandy, enjoys some one-on-one time with the guest of honor.

Gina gets the job of putting sunscreen on Nadia.  Nadia loves having her skin stroked and touched so she was loving this attention from her Momma's cousin.

Uncle Lou, the youngest of the DeAngelis siblings, gets to bring Nadia into the pool first.
But from that point on, Nadia was in high demand to be held and played with in the pool by many others.

Joey gets to take her for a "spin" in the water. (This girl still hasn't met a stranger and holds out her arms to be held and loved!)

Jessica and Nadia enjoying some cousin time.

Marin is always ready for her turn to hold Nadia and play with her!

My cousin Gina's son, Jack (who is also my godson) gets some lovin' from Nadia.

The Parker kiddos--David (who shaved his head for a big baseball tournament) and his sisters Katie and Mary vie for turns with little missie moo.

                                      My cousin Rick hanging out with his girls in the deep end.

Michael James, Matthew, and Michael Kristopher enjoying the shallow end.

Daddy and his big girl.

Time for some fun on the slide!

Woo Hoo!!!  Watch how fast I can go!

Adam, my nephew, enjoying himself giving my boys a hard time.  Go get 'em Adam!

Now for the diving board stunts!  Joseph has lots of practice since it's his Grandpop's pool!

But Adam steals the show with his flips!

No family gathering is complete without a little "friendly" competition.  Uncle Lou thought he had "stacked" his relay team by putting mostly boys on it.

However, my Mom knows that Girl Power usually wins in the end.  Notice my uncle's hand about to reach over to hold back Adam at the beginning of the race?  That is why I use the word "friendly competition" quite loosely!!! :)

The Sisters getting some poolside chat time.  We miss you Shelley!  We're not the "Pauli Girls" without you!!!

Doug, John and Uncle Dick waiting for the food to be served. :) 

Gina and her youngest, John, enjoying the sights in the pool.

                           Joey, Uncle Bob (notice his awesome Penn State shirt!) and my Dad catching up.

Sisters enjoying a rare, quiet moment together.

Aunt Sandy, my Mom, Aunt BB, Uncle Lou, John, and Uncle Bob marvelling over the gathering of such precious children and family bonds that have stayed strong from generation to generation.

And last but not least...the presentation of the cake!  After Nadia had one tiny taste of the icing, she dove in with both hands!

Um...I'm thinking they never had cake in the orphanage.  What do you think???

Thank you again to my wonderful family for hosting this amazing party for Nadia.  You all have been such a great support and inspiration to me in how to love unconditionally and to show by example that we always need to  have a place in our hearts and homes for those less fortunate than we are.  That lesson was taught from my Nana D (the matriarch of this great family) on down through her children. So even though Nana didn't get to meet Nadia here on earth, she is very much a part of her adoption and the love this family has already shown for a 2yr. old  orphan from halfway across the world who is now just as much a part of this family as everyone else is. 

There is ALWAYS room for more in a family like ours!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Can You Hear Me Now?"

This morning Nadia and I left for the hospital at 7:15am for her ear tube surgery. 
We checked in with the receptionist, filled in all the paperwork, and then they gave us this really cool pager to let us know when to report to the pre-op room.

Nadia thinks it's a video game--is she Americanized yet or what???

I loved seeing "Ferguson, Nadia I." on her hospital wrist band. :)

We had a great time hanging out in our pre-op bay as different nurses and doctors came in to meet Nadia and tell me about the procedure,etc.  Nadia captured quite a few hearts during this time and because of her calm demeanor, it was decided she didn't need the pre-anesthesia that they typically use on kids to calm them down before wheeling them back.

The medicine usually makes children a little "loopy", but honestly, she didn't have any. tee hee

Then it was time to get Nadia used to the mask they would be using to administer the anesthesia.  She did a great job letting me put it over her nose and never once tried to push it away.

However, when I gave her the mask to "get used to it"...

...she found a much better use for it!  Needless to say, they had to get a different one for the actual surgery--one without teeth marks on it!

Dr. Holmes is ready to go and so is Nadia!

I barely had time for a cup of tea and a granola bar before they were calling me back to comfort my sweetie in recovery.  She cried for about 15min. before she calmed down for this picture.  Aww...nothing like being rocked by Mommy to make things all better.

Then it was time to go!  Can you tell who is ready to get out of there???
Do you think she is holding her ears because of her LOUD crying?

We really won't know for sure until her follow-up evaluation on August 13th if she is truly hearing better, but I plan on conducting my own home-grown hearing tests before then. 
This was Nadia 2 minutes after getting HOME!  Yes! She really likes this place-thank God!

Thank you for all of your prayers for Nadia today.  She ate a good lunch and is sleeping peacefully so I'm thankful she came through this morning with flying colors.  Keep on praying for any hearing issues to be completely resolved from this surgery.  Thank you!!!