Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Cost of Freedom

Happy 4th of July!!!

  I couldn't help but take a moment as we celebrate our Independence Day, to consider what it cost so many for the freedom we all enjoy.  If you've watched any programs on the History Channel over the weekend you've gotten a good taste of the many hardships that our soldiers endured as they fought the British for the right to be an Independent Country. 

 The cost of freedom is always an expensive one!

 Our Independence cost the lives of over 25,000 soldiers.  Not to mention the families who were permanently affected due to the loss of loved ones.

Some have asked us about the high cost of adopting.  Yes, it is very expensive to adopt (domestically or internationally).  Ours cost well over $24,000.  Is that too high a cost for the freedom of a life?  Most people don't have that much money sitting around in their bank account...but God does. 

 Remember, he gave his ALL so that you and I could have freedom from death. 

He blessed our country with its limited resources and rag-tag soldiers, to defeat the Biggest World Power at the time just so that His name could be glorified and people could worship Him.  Because really, that's why we're here isn't it? 

The cost of adoption doesn't end with court day and "gotcha" day.  Sacrifices will need to be made, schedules re-arranged, yes, financial sacrifices will continue with extra therapies, doctor's appointments, clothing, food, etc. 

But, with Christ as our ultimate example on paying the highest price for our freedom...

How could we not take a little girl from this...

...To the freedom of life in a family?

The freedom to play and experience things she never would have imagined.

And yes, the freedom to express her individuality while having a family who loves and understands her and will allow her to grow and learn at her own pace with patience and understanding.

As you remember the freedom you have as an American, and all who paid the HIGH cost for you to have it, I pray that this Independence Day will be one where you thank God for your freedom, and perhaps ask Him how you can be a part of allowing someone else to experience those same rights you enjoy.

Now go out and light some sparklers but remember not to put them on the ground when  you're finished where someone in bare feet will inevitably step on them. :(


  1. Awesome pictures. I really want to adopt so bad I cant stand it. You are so right in all you have posted. And we are called as Christians to take care of the widows and orphans. I really want to bring Madeline home. Marie is now gone to her "institution" I think and it appears to late for her. Blessings to you.

  2. LOVE Nadia in jeans!!! She is too cute!!!!!
    Amen to your post! We have been shown too much grace and mercy and love by God in Heaven to turn around and withhold it from those who need it most!!! Come on Body of Christ!!! Get up and get uncomfortable for the glory of God and for the sake of the cross.

  3. ps-Most people in this country probably wouldn't think twice about dropping 24K on a new car or an addition to the house or for adding a pool to the back yard. Why ,then, does it seem like so much when in the context of adoption? (Remember,too, that their is a huge tax credit in place for adopting families that is very helpful.)

  4. Amen! Thanks Kristin. You word things so well. Every time I see Stas crawling around and then my brain flicks back to Stas' groupa, I cry. It hurts so much to know that most of them will never experience the freedom to crawl and be loved. It hurts.

  5. OK, did you just add those 2 pics at the top w/Nadia in Red, White and Blue???? ADORABLE--and what you wrote is just so perfect, what a great gift you have with pointing everyone to Jesus!!! :) xoxo Wish we were at the lake with you all!!

  6. I LOVE this post!! So true--we take our freedoms for granted. I always had admiration for our soldiers, but it has hit a lot a lot closer to home now that Ryan is a soldier. Thank you, Jesus for setting us free!!

  7. Praise God that we are free to follow God's lead, and to give homes to these little ones.

    I'm so disappointed not to have met Miss Nadia in church today. We slept in, we were out celebrating the 4th too late last night. Then I worked in the growing station 2nd service.

    I can't wait to meet your little Miss Cutie-pie!

  8. Well said! I pray that all who read it will not only consider the cost of our "American" freedom, but remember who gave us our "true" freedom, Christ! May we all consider what it cost God and ask Him who is able to to far more than we ever imagine, what it is we are to do in response to this gift! Your story is truly amazing; and it such a blessing to see how God moved in your lives and now you are living out His plan by including this adorable creation in your lives! I love the pics, especially the last one, I think she got that from you!! Quick study that one is! Have a great time at the lake and I can't wait to see how she likes lake water!!!!

  9. You couldn't of said it better sister! AMEN!!! Nadia is beautiful and I'm so glad that you are all home together enjoying each other. I look forward to hearing all the future family updates and pics.

  10. Wow, friend, amazing post! I LOVE it!

    Aaahhh, look how adorable your sweetie is. So amazing. She is just blossoming beautifully. I cannot wait to see you all this week.

    Stay cool :)

  11. Amen!

    Love the pics of little Nadia, who seems to be right at home, and cute as can be!

  12. Agreed! Such a great post. Be blessed! BTW Your baby is beautiful!

  13. Oh Kristin, so beautiful and so true.

    Freedom does come at great cost. Few things illustrate God's love for us like the adoption of a child. Few people exemplify His sacrifice like those who serve to protect our freedom. I'm certainly rejoicing with you on the gift of Independence Day.

    Nadia is absolutely adorable in her red, white, and blue. Praise God, this year she has the gift of your sweet family.

    Much Love,