Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tubes to the Rescue--We Hope!

Ever since we met Nadia we've been pleasantly surprised with how healthy she is, how well she is walking, and just her overall development.  Our only concern has been her hearing.  At first we didn't think she was hearing anything at all.  She never responded to our voices, calling her name, loud noises...nothing!

However, now that she's been part of our family for 3 weeks, we've noticed more responses to our voices--especially Jim's deeper voice.  We can still clap loudly behind her and she won't turn or blink, but the subtle differences in her responses have been encouraging although not very consistent. 

Today I had her evaluated by our ENT and Audiologist.  I was very eager for this evaluation and prayed for wisdom for both professionals. 

The ENT said that her ear drums were thickened and she flat-lined for both ears on her tympanogram which basically means that her ear drums aren't responding to noise.  The audiological exam was a little trickier and didn't give any conclusive evidence of lack of hearing or hearing.  It's hard to tell at this age if they're responding or not responding for age and/or behavioral reasons.  We truly believe that Nadia has some learned "tuning out" behaviors that developed from orphanage life.

                           (Wish I could use that reasoning when my other kids tune me out-ha ha!)
So, the bottom line is that we're going to have tubes put in her ears to relieve the pressure of the fluid that has most likely been building up for quite awhile.  We are hoping and praying that this will resolve the possible hearing issue, but if it doesn't, we'll go to Plan B--whatever that may be.  Her surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, July 13th.  We need to be there at 7:30am for a 9:30am surgery time.  We'd appreciate your prayers for this surgery as well as positive results from the procedure. 

We want to make sure Nadia is hearing all of us say "I love you" so she knows how much she means to our family!!!


  1. Trusting with you that the procedure is a huge success and that her hearing will be 100%!

    Goodness gracious....she is just ADORABLE :)

    See you tomorrow.

  2. Praying with you that the surgery is a success and she starts hearing perfectly. She looks so adorable in her pretty dress.

  3. Praying all is well!! She is just too much!

  4. I agree with the comments above. She is just too cute. Love her expression in the first photo.

    We will certainly be praying for her with surgery next week. Yes Lord, we want sweet Nadia to hear every single "I love you" from her family!

    I hope it's okay, but I referenced your blog on mine tonight. I just want others to see the beautiful things God is doing in your family. By the way, I keep hoping the Brothers' Blog will post an update now that you're home.

    Much Love,

  5. She is just absolutely precious! And...Joaquin had tubes placed and it made an amazing difference and the procedure was QUICK! Praying for you all!

  6. Praise God for doctors and great medical care available in the USA! So glad that she will have the opportunity to get some relief and hopefully, start hearing your melodious voice.............your daughter doesn't even know how beautiful you can sing!!!(believe me, I have heard it and it is good!) I do hope and pray that all goes well next week! PS Love her little outfit!!!!

  7. Love the pictures--holding on to the promises! :) Praying with you all! xoxo

  8. will keep you guys in our prayers!!!

  9. Oh - I bet the tubes will make a world of difference to Nadia! We've had 2 sets of tubes (so far) and The Skink's hearing is better than mine now... which actually may not be saying much, come to think of it :P
    This is such an easy surgery too - both times The Skink was up and about within a short time with no sign of discomfort.

  10. Kristin,
    Definitely joining you in praying that the procedure goes well and that you are able to notice a difference in Nadia's responsiveness afterwards!

    -- Meg D.