Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Monday, July 5, 2010

Why We Love the Lake!

Nadia's first trip to the lake has been a huge success.  So much so, that instead of napping, I hear her in the other room laughing and throwing blankets around in her port-a-crib.  Here are some of the things we love about the lake:

Paddle Boat Rides!  Nadia isn't sure she's digging the G.I. Joe life vest that all of her siblings wore at her age.  Heck, I think G.I. himself wore it--this thing has been a fixture at the lake house since Jim's parents started coming up here. (at least 30yrs. ago)

Fishing!  The boys have caught some nice sized catfish and bass off of our dock. No, I haven't cooked them...there's a limit to my "lake house" duties you know.

Golf Cart Rides!  Our dock is at the bottom of a pretty steep hill so this wonderful set of wheels gets us up and down when we're not in the mood for a turbo-leg workout!

Boat Rides!  All the kids get to sit in The Captain's lap at this age!  Nadia was still getting used to the wind blowing in her face in this picture.

Enjoying The Ride!

Hanging Out With the Dog At The Helm!

Nadia is liking this whole boat ride thing.

TUBING!!!  The fast the better for these girls!

The boys like it rough and rowdy!

But the best part of all is splashing and cooling off in the water. Pure Joy!

Nadia is definitely a water girl which makes her a terrific fit for this water family!


  1. Better watch out for the "draft" out on the water. I was told you can even get KIDNEY infections from it. (They never taught me that in nursing school!!! I should have gone to medical school I guess!)


  2. Yippee!! Wish we were there---looks like so much fun!!!!!!!! xoxoxxo

  3. Looks SO fun!! Wish I was there!! :) Glad you all are having so much fun. :)

  4. Oh, what precious pics! My kiddos love the lake, too. What a joy it is to see Nadia enjoying all these firsts with your family. (We were away much of the weekend and I missed the last two posts! Going to catch up now.)

    Much Love,

    P.S. We are looking into an adoption from the Ukraine and I have some questions about the process. I don't have your e-mail address. I would be so grateful if you could write me at kdwilliams12@comcast.net if you get a free minute in the next couple of days. Thanks so much!!!

  5. Looks like you guys are settling perfectly :) Nadia is way to cute!

  6. Love these pics (I tried to comment yesterday, but couldn't) but I am so very happy to see that she loves the lake! Brings back so many fond memories of being up there with you and Jim and family!!! What a blessing to see how well she has adjusted to so many changes and is enjoying the same things as your family.......must have been ordained from the start!!!