Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm FIRST!!!

...in putting up this blog post that is!  You know when you get together with 2 wonderful friends who happen to blog, there's always a race to see whose blog the  photos will show up on first.  Or maybe it's just because I like to be first.  Either way...I win! :)

Adeye drove  south from Richmond, VA, and Lisa and I drove north from Raleigh, NC to have a park date halfway in-between with all 16 of our kiddos (if you're doing the math and get confused,  I had my niece along as well) :)

Here was Nadia's take on getting together with her Ukrainian Playmates:

"Hey Hailee!  Remember me?  We met a few weeks ago at your house."  "Whatcha got in that bottle?"  "Can I have some?"

"What's that you hear Hailee?  I think it's a song I really like."

"Care to sing along with me, Hailee?"

"Um...ok...if you don't like that song, we could do something else."

"Hey, come back here!  Really, we don't have to sing, we could just hang out!"

"How about you Harper? Do you like to sing?  It helps if you do these puckering exercises ahead of time to get your mouth warmed up."

"I'm still puckering...but let me know what song you want to sing first."

"Oh, I like the "so big" song."  "Let's do that one when I'm finished with my exercises."

"OK, so now that we're all together, we can harmonize." 
 "I think your Mommy told you girls to keep your hands to yourselves, though."

"Um...Hailee, I'm not sure Harper wants you holding onto her arm like that and we really need to get this music practice going so could you please stop?"

"OK, now we can get started. Don't forget your tongue exercises.  That helps with singing too."

"I think your Mommy probably  meant no kicking either."

"MRS. SALEM!  Hailee's not listening to me and we're trying to practice our song!!!"

"Now that I have you two separated, I think we can finally get this practice underway." "I have my directing stick so all we need to do now is pick a song."
(Harper--"Boy this girl is a bit of a control freak."  "Wonder where she gets that from?")

"I give up.  I'm going to take a nap now."


  1. Too funny :-) And totally adorable photos - but how could they not be, with such cute girls!

  2. That is just toooooooo cute!!! They are all adorable!! I didn't realize you were in Raleigh----hot and steamy this time of year huh???
    Sunnie in NC (Wilson)

  3. FUNNY!

    They look like 3 little angels sitting together!!!

    You're good Kristin :)

    Say, is that your friend and 'trainer' Lisa you have with you?

  4. Fun day and great photos! The girls (and all the kids ) were troopers considering the heat.
    Hailee, Harper and Nadia are so cute together I think I will make them into a poster:)
    ps-Adeye, thanks for making the trek!

  5. LOL! Too cute!! Sounds like a super,fun day!! Can't wait to check out the other posts! :)

  6. LOVE the pictures. They are all so beautiful!! You are too funny Miss I want to be first :)

  7. Oh Mrs Ferguson...you are toooooo darn funny! I laughed all the way through. Hilarious. I'm so glad you managed to captured Hailee during the 5.75 minutes that she was not whining. You did good, friend.

    Next time...a cooler day! I just know you're nodding your head in total agreement right now :)

    75 days and counting down.

  8. Beauties x 3!!!!!!! Oh, and the little ones are awfully cute, too!! HeHe!

    How fun.

  9. Here's to special friends and the bonds that make them even more special, such as 3 little treasures! Very cute post with very cute girlies.

  10. What a gorgeous little group of kiddos!!!!! It's great to see how Nadia is meshing right into her new American life!

  11. I love that you guys were all able to make a travel play date how great is that.

    The pics are adorable!

    Head down butt up, too precious!

    Teri in Virginia

  12. I'm not sure what I love more--the adorable photos or the hysterical captions to go with them. What a gift that this precious trio will have eachother to lean on (and sing with) as they grow.

    Thanks for making me laugh today!

    Much Love,

  13. So cute!!! I love the pictures and storyline! They are all such adorable blessings :-)

  14. That was SO cute!! :) And I must say that the mom's looked particularly fetching, despite the heat. It didn't even look like you were sweating. :)

  15. Kristin,
    You are TOO funny! Loved the pics!

  16. That was so funny, loved your captions and seeing the girls together :)

  17. Im so glad I got to come with you to the park to see everyone and finally meet Adeye! It was so much fun! Love the pics! The captions were so funny! :)

  18. It is good to see you haven't lost your competitive edge! Great pictures and I am glad you all had such a wonderful visit!

  19. Love your commentary on the photos!!

    Found your blog via Adeye's!