Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What To Do...

...When Your 3yr. Old Doesn't Nap?

You have a fashion show! 

You dig into the closet and pull out all of  her older sister's dance costumes and let the fun begin!!!

Oh Yes!  We're having fun now.  This is MUCH better than napping.

Hey, come back here!  We're not finished yet...2 more costumes to go.

I wish I knew how to scan old photos into my computer because I could show you how cute Josi looked in these costumes as well. (Before you go and try to 'teach' me in the comment section, I should have clarified and told the truth that I really don't WANT to learn how to scan photos.  There, the confession is out.)

The point is...Josi looked just as yummy in these costumes as Nadia now does! :)

I think she's getting the hang of this 'runway' fashion show don't you?

Except for the sitting down part.  I don't think they do that in Paris.

Last but not least...the "Perfectly Posh in Purple" costume.

The back view of this divine garment.

"Can we do this every day instead of napping?

Uhhhhh....NO! :)