Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Sunday, November 14, 2010

We Spent Our Weekend...

...Watching soccer,

...Cheering for goals scored,

...Holding babies,

...Sliding down slides,

...Enjoying being outdoors,

...Watching this boy turning into one handsome young man,

...Finding a bonnet that had been missing for 4 months and is Nadia's only tangible tie to her life before us.
Want to know where it was?  In the glove compartment of the boat at our lake place where we haven't been in...you guessed it...4 months! 

That's how we spent our weekend.  How did you spend yours? (Warning: Those of you who are Ohio State Fans may not mention anything about a certain game where you beat a certain team as part of "what you did this weekend"...got it???)  Not that I'm bitter or anything...it's just I already know that part of your weekend so you don't need to mention it. ha ha


  1. What a blessed weekend. So glad you had fun. How stunning is the weather?

    Oh, I forgot...not cold enough for my friend :)

    My weekend...cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Such a joy.

  2. Aw. What a great weekend. I spent mine cleaning as well, but I also worked all weekend but it was great because i love what I do.

    Be blessed


  3. Crafts, grocery, nap, read, blogged, WATCHED THE GAME, all the normal stuff getting ready for the upcoming week. Your girls are absolutely beautiful with so much life. Your boys are handsome, also. We've enjoyed fabulous weather this past week, but we're heading into a cold spell FOREVER it will seem. Keep Smiling!!

  4. We rode in the grandparent's boat, jumped in leaves and did the laundry :o) The weather has been *wonderful!*

  5. I cleaned the turtle tank, totally gross. It was like a swamp. I won't be eating any spinach for a while....

    Oh what cute kiddos you have!
    Just so cute, all of them. I was going to say 'Italian genes'....but you've got a little Ukrainian in there that's pretty darn cute too :)

    I'd like to rub it in about the game, but I have no idea what you're talking about.

    ok, I'll try anyway....

    "na na na na NAH na. Ohio wins and NC loses...na na na na NAH na"...

    :) :) :)

    hey....where'd you get the baby??? Adorable. Must be Italian too.

  6. Yeah for the hat! Jim is the hero of the week! Looks like it was a busy busy weekend. Here's to a week off from the rat race!

  7. Sounds like a family-filled-fun wknd!--Mine was quite different: Girls wknd in NYC!! Running in Central Park; Shopping at Century 21; Having sushi and 'tinis at Blue Fin; lots and lots of laughs and fun but was so HAPPY to get home to my Littles and to my Super Mom who watched them for me!!!! :)

  8. Looks like the kiddos had lotsa fun. That little Nadia is getting so big, she's such a cutie pie!!

  9. Looks like you've been having a fun fall! Your photos always capture such sweet expressions. How wonderful that you found Nadia's special hat.

    We wish you a very happy first Thanksgiving with Nadia home!

    Much Love,

  10. Your pictures are so awesome...but I admit that I was totally distracted by the WARM weather you are apparently having. And I am jealous. :)

    BTW...I root against Ohio State no matter who they are playing. Sorry about the game.