Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Father-Daughter Dance

This year's Father-Daughter Dance at our church happened to be scheduled for Josi's birthday which made turning 13 all the more special!

Time to get ready for her special date!
1st up--a special manicure with bright red nail polish!

Now it's time to work on the hair...
Can you tell we don't do this too often? hahaha
(And no, I did not burn her--she's just a little goofy sometimes...just like the rest of her family!)

Josi gives a "thumbs up" for the beauty preparations.

 Daddy makes sure Josi knows how special she is so he brings her a rose to get their evening off to a great start.

One very pretty and excited girl to be getting her Daddy all to herself tonight!

"You'll get your turn when you're older Nadia.  This dance is just for big girls like me."

All dressed up and ready to go...

...but not without her date!

A kiss from the special man in her life.  

 Showing Josi how a lady should be treated.

Can you tell she's just a 'little' excited for this evening to begin?

There's just nothing quite like the relationship between a Daddy and his Daughter and I'm thankful that this Daddy makes sure both of his daughters know they are loved, protected, and cherished for who they are.


  1. Oh my friend, those pics gave me tears. They are PRECIOUS!!! Priceless, really. What a beautiful girl your Josi is. She was glowing with her Daddy.

    Love it so much.

  2. Well, I came here to say something in return to your snide comments on my blog.....BUT THAT WAS JUST THE SWEETEST POST EVER... so I can't.

    Oh my Josi is beautiful and her daddy isn't bad either ;)

    How SWEET! I love stuff like that. It's what make such beautiful memories that last a lifetime.


    But don't worry....I'll choose another time to tell you that I'm sure the good folks of ND are MUCH friendlier than those snooty ones in NC!

  3. Oh my goodness....that is so sweet!!! Josie looked beautiful! Such tender moments caught between Josie and her Daddy. Sniff...sniff...

  4. I love Josi's glow! I can just picture her telling Nadia that she will have to wait...

    What a pretty girl you have. And a cute old husband (by Ukrainian standards I mean...)


  5. Josi obviously loved the evening! Her outfit looked perfect on her- wonderful colors!!
    Jim, how perfectly thoughtful of you to bring her flowers! So romantic!
    Treasure the moments and memories...Josi looks positively grown up in these photos! Where has the time gone!!!
    Kristin, if I come over will you do my nails too? They could use some help:)

  6. How beautiful she looks, all dolled up for her special Valentine!!!

  7. She looks beautiful! What a special day for daddy and daughter, one that I'm sure both will always treasure.

  8. Happy belated birthday Josi! What a special day you had. I love your red shirt too-you look all grown up! Red is one of your colors! Did you take any pictures at the dance? if so, have Mommy post them. Take care sweet girl! Love, The Cotton Clan

  9. Brings back memories of my Daddy taking me to one of those! They look fabulous, and I hope they had a wonderful time together!

  10. Love the picture of Josi getting her hair curled! What a cutie!

  11. What a special night for Josi and Dad. These are moments she'll never forget. I know my girls treasure their daddy/daughter dance memories. Love the pic of Josi and Nadia! What a sweet relationship between these special sisters.

    Kristin, when you're done with Lisa's nails, can you do mine?