Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just The Girls

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed saying things like, "I'll take the girls to the pool." or "Yes, those are my girls."  My Josi and Nadia...my girls...are 2 of the most wonderful blessings from God.  Oh yes, I love my boys...but this post is just the girls. :)

Just the girls all dressed in pink.

Just me and my newest girl.

Just loving her newest girl cousin.

Just some girl time in the pool.

Just my girl Lisa and I watching our families eat pizza together.

Just me and the girls posing for some photos...not really noticing the big wave coming toward us!

Here it comes!!!...look which girl gets it in the face first!

Guess the girls need to pay a little more attention to the big, bad ocean rather than the camera!

Just 3 little girls whose lives would be completely different if their parents hadn't heard and obeyed the call to bring them from faraway places to families who love and cherish them!
  Let's Hear It For The Girls!!!


  1. You have some great girls in your life! I love the wave photos.

    I love your blog.

    By the way, you didn't really think Jodi could put background music on her blog, did you? That made me laugh--ask her to "right click" some time and see what she says:-)

  2. Beautiful! Jealous that my girl and I are not with you!!!! LOVE the HAT!!! You look gawgeous, dahling!!!!! Mean it !! :)Hope the photo shoot goes well!

  3. wooohoooo....LOVE the sweet girly pics. Hailee would totally have LOVED that wave crashing on her. Oh, and the girl's mamas are totally hot!

  4. Love being one of your girls :)
    Great post!!! Love the blog makeover too.
    ps...We got some good shots:)

  5. Hooray for girls!! Love all the great pics!!! Wish I was there enjoying the waves and beach with you and Lisa. I agree with Adeye...the mom's are totally hot! :)

  6. What pretty girls!! I'm glad you ladies got your girl time in!! Seriously...how many bathing suits does Miss Nadia have?? I think she has more than I do :)

  7. Great pics! I love the ones that tell the story of the big wave. Poor little Nadia. That's the only photo I've ever seen where she wasn't smiling.

    Yes, you mamas are totally hot! (I love the black hat, too.) What a fun day at the beach for two precious families.

    Much Love,

  8. Kristin,


    You look like one of those woman from Desperate Housewives....not that I've ever watched that, and not that you look desperate....but WOWZER, you look nice :)

    Kind of like a mafia wife....oh wait, you ARE Italian! Ha ha.

    You don't look anything like a llama in that attire.

    :) J~

  9. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

    Gretchen is awful!

    I just read that.


    ;) J~

  10. Beautiful pictures of all you lovelies!
    Those little girls are so precious, and you and Lisa are lucky to have eachother, oh how I wish I could hang out with you guys.

  11. Whoops! Now I see some pictures of you at the beach! See what I mean??? You get more beautiful every year!! Love the pics of the girls! Especially the ones of where the waves get you all and you are laughing_ I can hear that laugh from here!