Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nadia meets Grandma and Uncle Steve!

We finally coordinated schedules and drove to High Point so Nadia could meet her other Grandmother and one of her Ferguson Uncles.  Grandma (Jim's Mom) had been eagerly awaiting Nadia's arrival as she kept her picture on the kitchen table to see her at every meal.

I think it was love at first sight.

Nadia getting comfortable right away.

"Look Grandma!  This is my hand.  It's one of my favorite toys.  I even talk to it sometimes."

"This Uncle Steve guy is pretty great!"  "I like playing with him."

Josi and Michael get some lounging time in before dinner.

More playtime before we eat.

After dinner it's time for "Hop on Pop"  Nadia is really liking this time with Daddy.

"Um, Josi...this is my time with Daddy."  (Yes, we're seeing a little bit of friendly competition as the girls vie for Daddy's attention.)

"Yippee!  I'm Princess of the Daddy Time."

"How about I take you off of Daddy and put you somewhere else."

"Look!  We can all play with Daddy (except Allen who is still in NJ) at the same time!!!"

Nadia enjoys a little more snuggling time before we head back home.
Thanks Grandmother for a wonderful dinner!  Can't wait to come back and see you soon! Love, Us!


  1. What a sweet visit! Many blessings for such a wonderful family!! :)

  2. Looks like a great visit! Looking forward to seeing you in SC! (Don't rush...it's pouring rain here.)

  3. Oh goodness, she fits in perfectly. And you can sure tell that she is loved. What precious photos of Nadia and your family.:)

  4. So cute!! Just love those pictures :)

  5. Aww...so sweet! Fun to see her getting loved on by everyone.

  6. Oh, I just love the photos of Nadia with her grandmother! So precious. Nadia certainly never meets a stranger.

    I also love the pics of your girls together. Isn't it sweet how much daughters love their daddies?!

    So glad all is well with you and your family.

    Much Love,

  7. Oh gosh! Your family is so darn cute and happy!!! I love it! And Nadia's smile....oh such joy!

  8. No doubt this precious girl is adored by the entire family. Such precious photos of Nadia and grandma and uncle Steve.