Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nadia Turns 3!!!

For Nadia's 1st birthday celebration with us, we're making sure she understands how  big a deal birthdays are in the Ferguson Family!

Her 3-part celebration began with our small group on Sunday night. We had the kids all stand around Nadia as we sang to her.  She wasn't quite sure what all the hub-bub was about and her sister, Josi, blew the candle out before Nadia even had a chance to figure that part out...

...but when it came to the cake part of this birthday deal, this little one had a ball.
She started out a little tentative (all 2 seconds of it that is)...

 ...Then she kind of started finger-painting with the icing until I finally put her hands up to her mouth so she could taste what she was smearing.

"Ahhhh!  So that's what this is all about...yummy!"

We let her continue to smear and shove cake in her mouth until it was pretty much all gone.
I think she's trying to tell me that she's not done yet and that if I touch her plate she might have to bite my hand! Priceless Nadia Expression for sure!

The end product was one messy, happy, sugar-filled little girl...just the way it should be on your birthday!

Today, for her actual birthday, we decided to celebrate both of the birthday girls (mine is tomorrow) by going out for dinner.
Momma gets an early birthday kiss from today's birthday princess!

We're kind of liking this getting dressed up and heading out to eat celebration thing!

One precious little girl 'steppin' out' with her Daddy!

Having some silly time before the food comes to the table.

Not just the little one is silly at restaurants.

Time for another round of "Happy Birthday" and another cake!

"Hmmm...I could get used to this cake thing that keeps happening!"

I'm with you on that one Nadia. I'm going to eat my fill too!

I never get my fill, however, of loving on and being loved by this special little girl.
She is such a gift to our family and I'm so thrilled that she doesn't have to spend another birthday without a family.  I told everyone at dinner tonight that last year at this time, Nadia was just a whisper in our hearts. This year she is sitting at the same table with us and eating lots of cake! :)

Nadia still has one more birthday celebration to look forward to.  Her very first birthday party with little girl party guests, games, more cake, and all the trimmings will happen on Saturday. 

Happy  Birthday to our beautiful 3yr old! 


  1. Happy birthday, Nadia! What a sweet celebration of this precious girl's life. Such a blessing that she will never spend another birthday without a family.

    And happy birthday to you, Kristin! May your day be as special as you are.

    Much Love,

  2. Oh Kristen - A "whisper on our hearts". I love that. Aaron and Nadia. Holy Spirit whispers. A year later we look at our kids and we marvel. May the Holy Spirit whisper on the hearts of all the people who read our blogs and see our kids!!

  3. Oh, she is just so adorable! How fun to celebrate her birthday for the first time!

  4. Happy birthday to both of you! "From forgotten to spoiled rotten!" Few children deserve spoiling as much as beautiful Nadia! And it looks like she is spoiling your family with her love, too.

  5. She is so precious! Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Nadia!! So happy that this year it's not just the Father who remembers her birthday, but that He has blessed her with a family who adores her!

  6. love your pictures!! I am amazed by God's divine working in Nadia's life. Happy Birthday Nadia and mama Kristin!!

  7. happy happy happy birthday sweetheart! Oh how we LOVED seeing the pics of you eating your cake :) So wonderful. We're rejoicing that you are home, where you belong. We love you and can't wait to see you again soon.

    Oh, and give your mama a HUGE hug from us on her special day today.

  8. Happy Birthday to two of our favorite ladies :)! I can hear our Whisper upstairs wanting to come down and start the day :). How lucky we all are! xoxoxo

  9. Happy Birthday a couple of days late, Nadia! What a blessing to have the actual date too, so many orphans are assigned a birthday:(
    She looks totally settled into the way we Americans do the birthday thing! Look forward to celebrating one more time on Saturday!

  10. Happy Birthday Nadia!

    And Happy Birthday Kristin!!!

    Love all the pictures, it looks like she had a wonderful birthday!

    I hope you're doing something very special for yours today :)

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Nadia and Kristin
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday, Kristin and Nadia. The cake looks wonderful. Addy's birthday is in between the two of you: December 5th. What a great birthday week:) XO XO

  12. Pictures are priceless!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  13. Happy birthday to 2 special girls!!

    Looks like the birthday girl enjoyed her cake, love the pictures!

  14. Happy Birthday, Nadia...and Kristin! Christmas babies are very special, I happen to be one myself (today!).

    I was going to shoot my phone number/addy to you but can't seem to find your email address! Can you contact me (donna@handsful.com) so I can get it to you? I'm not sure I can find a second to talk on the phone (it's amazing I'm posting this at all...), but I'd love to!