Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Nadia and I woke up bright and early this morning and made our way to the hospital for her surgery.

"That's quite a bright flash for 6:15 in the morning Mommy!"

Nadia seemingly has no memory of her visit here last July for her first ear tube surgery and enjoyed playing in the lobby.

Remember this little girl who at the time had only been home with us less than a month?
I gave her the beeper to keep her occupied then so I decided to do the same today.

I'm thinking that perhaps she's starting to remember this place and why she's here...the smart little cookie!

Even with that faint flashback she's still hamming it up in the pre-op room and having a great time...  happily oblivious to what lies ahead.

Think I'll lay back and chill for awhile.

I told her it was time to pray and this was her response. :)
~An Angel in our midst~

Time to practice with the mask again.

9 months ago

Even as she's beeing wheeled back to surgery she's still having her own little party.  What a nut!!!

The surgery went very well and our time in recovery was relatively short. 
She's doing her 'Calgon Take Me Away' pose...don't blame her one bit!

  The nice thing about this recovery is that she really wanted her mommy to comfort her and not the nurse.  9 months ago I was just another 'slightly' familiar face to her. It did my mommy heart good to have this moment even though I knew my baby was in pain.

We had a wonderful nurse in recovery and she just loved Nadia.  She told me that before and after surgery the nurses were fighting over who would get to hold Nadia.  She finally told the others to "give me that baby--she's mine!".  I was able to share our adoption story with her and how God led us to Nadia.  I love when God gives us moments like that don't you?

Go ahead...tell us how you really feel.

We arrived home at around 11:30 and all Nadia wanted to do was sleep so we let her.  Michael has such a tender heart for Nadia and was the first one to want to hold and comfort her.

Here is a major answer to prayer already! She ate an entire scoop of ice cream.  It took a little coaxing at first but eventually she let me feed her the entire portion.  To say I'm thrilled is an understatement.

This pretty much shows how I'm feeling right now too!!! 
Praise God!!!

She's also been willing to drink a little bit and take her pain meds so far.

And  yes, she's even feeling up to being goofy and trying to eat the cute stuffed bunny they gave her at the hospital.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am that she's doing so well so far.  We appreciate your continued prayers on her behalf as I know this could easily be a 'honeymoon' period.  I'll take whatever I can get and we'll be taking one day at a time.  God promises to give us our needed portion of grace for each day so I want to have faith to live that way.


  1. Sweet little muffin, so glad she did well with surgery, I love the picture of her in her big brother's arms, big brother's are such a blessing. And of course the huge smile on her face eating her ice cream.
    Kristin, I want to live out my faith the same way, confident that God will provide for my daily needs as He's always done, and without any doubts that He is faithful, despite the circumstances I may find myself in.

  2. OK so no sooner did I hit "publish post" on this entry and Nadia is now crying and inconsolable. Guess that's the way it's going to be for a little while. Keep on praying!

  3. Oh my! Hope she does better soon!

    That was such a funny picture when she started to 'remember' the place...ha haaaa.

    Thinking of you all....

  4. Poor baby... I'm praying right now that she will feel better and sleep well tonight (so that you can sleep too!!)

  5. So glad the day went as well as it did, Kristin. Praying for a sweet night's sleep!

  6. What a sweet little Bunny biting the stuffed bunny!! We are praying for her, wish we could be there to hold her!!! xoxoxox

  7. Oh, hoping you disinfected her mouth after having that stuffed bunny from the hospital in it! Germ-a-phobe Anonymous

  8. Awww - she's such a beautiful little thing. Here's wishing her a speedy recovery!