Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nadia's Post

I've been so embarrassed at how infrequently my mommy has been posting lately so I decided to do a post of my own.

My brother Michael turned 11 on April 16th and had a really fun bowling party and got some really cool presents and donuts.  I'm not sure but I think I got the short end of the deal with the donuts. There are 4 of us kids, 12 donuts, but I sure didn't get my fair share of 3!!!

Anyway, then we went up to PA for Easter and my sister Josi decided to become an official member of the Polar Bear Club.  Nonna's pool was only 55 degrees but Josi insisted on going in.

I'm not sure what the Polar Bear Club's official requirements are but she did go in up to her waist and she stayed in for almost a minute...does that count?

Of course it was my oldest brother Allen who started it all.  All he needed was a good dare and he was in...and went all the way under.  It took him a good hour to thaw out, though.  I think they're both nuts although I did try to make a run for the pool at one point.  As usual, one of those tall people grabbed me before I could take the plunge.

OK, so I think Mom is telling me that my computer time is almost up so I'm pretending not to listen because I have a few more pictures I want to post.

Like this one.  I love my Nonna and this is one of my favorite pictures of the two of us together. She's so sweet to me and I love giving her hugs and making her laugh.

Can we talk? 
 What's up with the whole Easter photo shoot thing?  I mean, first they plop me down in the middle of the grass, where they fuss at me when I try to eat it, and then they want me to open my eyes in that really bright sun. Do they seriously think I can look happy under those conditions?

 They also don't want me taking out that bow that's been itching my head all morning during church. 

Then they hand me this delicious looking yellow thing and expect me not to eat it! How much more can I take???

Phooey.  I've got to figure out a way to get this over with...and quickly!

How about this pose?  I think I saw this on a photography website.  This should get them to stop taking photos don't you think?

I think this was one of mommy's favorites because she stopped taking pictures shortly after this one...whew!

That's pretty much all for now except for a quick prayer request.  I'm having another set of tubes put in on Thursday because apparently I'm not hearing as well as I should be again. (Little do they know that I'm milking this 'selective hearing' thing for all it's worth).  If that's not enough, the ENT doctor told my mom I had huge tonsils which evidentally isn't a good thing.  He's going to take those out on Thursday as well. 
 I've heard that my sister, Josi, didn't do so well with her tonsillectomy recovery and that my mom inadvertently taught Josi some new words that aren't ones she was allowed to repeat.  I find that hard to believe because my mommy is always so patient and kind, but I guess anyone can be pushed over the edge when their child spits out her pain medicine and doesn't eat or drink for 10 whole days.

(My mommy put that last sentence in but I let her because she's the one who has to show me how to actually publish this post--is that called blackmail or something?)


  1. hahahahahaha.....oh sweet girl, you are tooooo precious for words! LOVE the photo shoot. You're a natural. Yes, we'll be praying for you on Thursday....you'll do GREAT! We can't wait to see you all again. Tell your beautiful mother to find a Friday in May that works for her. Okay?

    We love you, honey.

  2. Praying for Nadia already. I think she will have a better time of it than your other patient. Hope so anyway.
    ps-She looks lovely in that frock:)

  3. Nadia,
    When a Diva in the making is photoready, the paparazzi appear in numerous form snapping shot after shot after shot. Sarah's figured that out already:)

    Sometimes you need to give the photogs what they want early to get them to stop. In other words, smile:)

    Praying for your surgery this week and enjoy lots of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and other yummy desserts you probably won't get after your better.

    Keep Smiling and hugs to your family.
    Love you all

  4. Nadia, for a girl with just a few years under her belt, you sure possess a lot of wisdom :)! We hope your surgery goes well tomorrow and will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Ask your mom to update everyone when she can, okay? Take your pain medicine and drink ice cold liquids, it will help your throat feel better much more quickly. Love the photos. Love to you all! Alina's Mama

  5. I say your sister does does qualify for the Polar Bear Club! What great pictures! You are beyond cuteness!!! I will be praying for your recovery and the whole thing- Thursday and beyond... :)

  6. How cute is that?!?! :)) Loved all the photos. As for pain meds after surgery, if all else fails, they do have Tylenol suppositories. BTDT. After a few of those, they take the oral meds. hehe Just sayin....

  7. That post made me die laughing. You must have been watching the photo shoot I did for Easter with Noah & Laurel b/c it pretty much went that same way! Ahh.... memories. Praying for the surgery.


  8. You are hilarious!

    And Nadia...you're so darn cute :) I love the Nadia post...and look forward to more!

    Good to see you didn't lose your funny bone on your hiatus, Kristin ;)

  9. Nadia--eat a LOT the day you come home from the hospital and are still on those great hospital pain meds--use that time wisely to eat all you can!!! :) We are praying for you and we LOVE reading your posts! You are quite the pithy writer ;)Your Mommy will have to explain that one to you,sweet girl!!

  10. Dear Josi,

    I lOVE your blog! You have a future as a model and a writer! Looks like you were the wise one by NOT swimming when it is cold out! I do pray that all went well this morning for your surgery and that Mommy was well behaved! Take care and keep us in the loop with future pictures and updates! We love you!!!!!