Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Talk to the Hand!

I thought that was a good caption for this photo!

But what I really need is some advice about said hands.  Nadia is pinching up a storm lately with those chubby little hands.  She's also pulling hair and is as fast as lightning and then won't let go, rendering even my sweet, long-haired niece, helpless in her clutches. 

We have tried many approaches from distracting her to pinching her and/or pulling her hair back.  Nothing seems to be working.  I realize this may just be yet another phase that will work itself out (like the head-banging, hitting herself, pulling her own hair, etc.) but I thought it wouldn't hurt to see if any of you have been through this and can offer a novel solution!



  1. The Skink went through that same phase and still does it sometimes. We did a "time out" immediately following each infraction. When that didn't work well, we tried some other things. The weirdest thing of all worked for us... though I don't know if I should "recommend" this technique. One day when The Skink had hold of my older daughter's hair to the point of some heavy shrieking, I found myself on the opposite side of a baby gate. Wanting to do something as fast as possible, I grabbed the water gun we kept to squirt the cats when they are scratching something they shouldn't, and without thinking, squirted The Skink. It worked like a charm. (I'm really not sure if this is something I should publicly admit, but) I continued using it for a few days after (hey - I could get her from 15 feet!) and that's how long it took her to stop that behavior completely. Sure, we regress a little now and then, but not like before :o)

  2. Totally cracking up with the water gun comment, quick thinking mom!!

    We always took privileges away and of course time outs, and now that it's summer perhaps you can try time in, no going outside to play, no swimming etc.

    Good luck