Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chillin' With The Cousins

Yesterday, my sister and her 3 kids made the drive to spend the day with us at the shore.
It was so nice for the kids to be able to hang out all day and I enjoyed some beach 'talk time' with my sister!

Getting ready to go boogie-boarding.

Heading out to look for the perfect wave.

Meanwhile the girls were hard at work digging a pool to wade in.

Both girls were very determined to make their pool just right.

Of course there's always time for fooling around too. :)

Um...somehow the boys are reaping the benefit of all of the girls' hard work.

Enjoying some laughs with each other.

Marin is still hard at work...no rest for this girl!

No better way to cap off a day at the beach than to have Mack and Manco pizza on the boardwalk.

 Our waiter decided he needed to be in this picture as well.

Nadia's wondering why the pizza isn't here yet.  At least give the girl a sand patty appetizer or something. :)

Nonna enjoyed the day with 7 out of her 10 grandchildren.

This was definitely a fun, flip-flop, laid-back kind of day. 
Thanks again Nicole for making the trek so we could have a fun cousin day!


  1. So happy you all are enjoying sun, sand, surf, and selebrations (I know it's spelled wrong!) What a beautiful family:) Hugs friend...

  2. Totally jealous....but happy that you're having such a great time with all your family. Looks like the weather is perfect.

    Biggest hugs, friend. I miss you. Let's catch up soon.

  3. Thanks for having us!!! A Blast at the Beach!! xo :)

  4. Looks like a fun day! Nonna is blessed to be surrounded by so many little ones! Looking forward to next week and more sand and surf!

  5. What a fun day!! Your vacation looks so awesome...my perfect vaca--beach with lots of sun. :)