Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Monday, August 1, 2011

Please Consider Helping a Friend

When we adopted Nadia a year ago, one of the many blessings was meeting a family who lives just up the road from us who was also adopting a little girl with Ds from the same country.  How cool is that?! 

This same family is now hoping to adopt again and has begun the daunting task of fundraising for said adoption.  They are starting out with a really cool Ipad2 Giveaway!!!  So not only do you get a chance to participate in helping an orphan become a member of a great family, you might also win a new 'toy'. hee hee

Below is Jenn's original post with the details about how to donate and get entered in the drawing.  ***Please note that the end date has been changed to Aug. 4th so hurry now and get your donation registered for a chance to win the Ipad2!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

IPAD2 Give away

Well...we are back at it again. We are working on raising money for another adoption of a child with Down Syndome. This time we are doing things a little differently. First, we are looking at a different country in Eastern Europe. So the way adoptions are done are quite different.

In order to move forward we need to have a portion of our program fee as well as a portion of our adoption agency fee. Once we have this money we are able to send it in and documents go to the child's country to "hold" him for us. Where as when we adopted Milana there was a chance when we got there she would not be.

Ok...so on with the giveaway. We are doing an IPAD2 + WiFi Giveway. Our goal is to raise at least $5,000. This will help with the initial costs of our adoption. If we reach the $500 mark the winner will receive the IPAD2 + WiFi. Should we not earn enough money to cover the cost of the IPAD and the shipping and handling we will split the proceeds 50/50 with the winnner.

Donations are NOT tax deductible. Money donated will be going directly into our paypal account.

Here is the breakdown for donations:

$10 = 1 entry

$20 = 4 entries

$50 = 10 entries

$100 = 25 entries

You can also be entered by posting on your blog, facebook, and/or twitter accounts. To receive an entry by doing this just leave a comment on my blog and state your name and where you posted the information.

Donations can be made through the chip in on the left of my blog. It says IPAD Give away. Good luck and Thank you :)
Please follow this link to Jenn's blog to donate:  http://jennandchrisandkpr.blogspot.com/
Thank you for helping out with this worthy cause!!!

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