Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School-2011

Ten years ago we sent our eldest off to kindergarten. We had 3 children ages 5 and under and were undergoing a major renovation while living in the house!  It was difficult letting him go and I missed him terribly but we knew this was the best plan for our family.

 However, throughout the course of that first school year, God used many circumstances and people to slowly point us toward homeschooling.  I say slowly because it took awhile for me to see that this was truly His plan for us. (Truth be told, whenever the topic came up I pretty much told God, "Ummm...no way, thank you very much!")  We ended up taking the plunge and have homeschooled all of our children for the last 9yrs.

(Here is our little kindergartner!)

 Ten years later and still trusting in God's plan for each of our children's schooling, we sent our eldest off this morning to 10th grade at the same Christian school he went to for kindergarten! 

(My, how he's grown!)

One of the really cool details of this transition is that not only does Allen have a bunch of soccer buddies who go to his school, but his cousin does too!

(I still say they could pass for twins!)

Meanwhile, back at the Ferguson Homeschool, two eager students are waiting to begin their first school day as well!

OK, so mostly they're eager for the traditional doughnut breakfast that accompanies the first day of school around here!

This one would eat doughnuts all day long if he lived by himself. :)

So this was a total surprise to me...guess who doesn't like doughnuts???

I mean she REALLY didn't like her doughnut! How is that even possible?  It boggles the mind!!!
 Oh well...that's one more for the teacher!

My favorite place to start the school day...out on the porch in what turned out to be a surprisingly cool morning!

Little missie got over her doughnut meltdown and settled in for devotions.

Anyone who has children at school or in homeschool knows there's no better way to start the day than with prayer!

Josi is our prayer warrior and will remember other's prayer requests better than anyone.

Time to hit the books!  Josi dove into her spelling with a fervor that I hope lasts all year long!
(Yes, I'm experiencing a hallucinogenic sugar high from that extra doughnut!)  

Another excited pupil beginning his new Math book.

"Oy Vey!  Is it that time of year again???
Not the preschool pen!!!"

"Guess I'd better make the best of it or she might try to make me eat another one of those nasty fried things filled with creme and topped with chocolate. Yuck-o!"

"See?  I'm learning too!  I know that brown bear sees a red bird and that the red bird sees a yellow duck!"

"I'm totally done with this pen thing now. Just put me in for a nap!"

I'm still waiting to hear how Allen's day went.  It's amazing how I can still miss him like I did ten years ago, but rest in complete faith in our Heavenly Father who hasn't taken his eyes off of him a moment of his life. :)


  1. Wow! It worked!!! After trying numerous times on whatever it is I normally use...I switched over to Foxfire...and by golly it worked :)

    I had to comment...those pics are sooo cute!!! I'm curious to see how Allen liked his first day of school too!

    Nadia is so darn funny. But not liking doughnuts??? HUH????

    I'd give anything to have a sunroom/screened room like that! Ahhh....must be nice. :)

    I suppose you had your fill of starbucks to go with that doughnut, right? :) breakfast of champions. Rich is making me eat oatmeal every morning. I think I'd rather come to YOUR house!

  2. Nadia must take after her Aunt Niki :) Looks more and more appealing to send my kiddos to the Ferguson Homeschool. I know THEY would love the donuts!!!

  3. hahahahha interesting pic you got of me there... :/ haha(: and wow. nadia doesnt like doughnuts? wowwww its like i dont even know her anymore!!(;

  4. Nadia and Sarah have the same likes...complete Brown Bear fans. Our weather is cooler, getting darker earlier, but the circle of seasons must revolve into your favorite...Autumn. Have a good first week back in the swing of things. Keep Smiling!

  5. No matter how old they are when you send them to school, you will still have the same feelings. Wonderful thing that the Lord is still watching and moving no matter how old they are! Nadia and I would get along just great, I could eat her doughnuts! Too cute!

  6. I think a few more years in America and Nadia will love doughnuts! Let's face it...we Americans love our fried foods! Glad your first school day was such a success. Here's to 179 more:)

  7. Jodi meant Firefox, not Foxfire....just saying.

    Ricky would feel the same way about donuts!! I wish I did.

    Your kids are beautiful...as are you!

  8. Wow- what a change for Allen. Hope he loves it. I'm sure he misses you guys just as much as you miss him. Love the pictures. Your porch/sun room is awesome. Your family is beautiful. Here's to a great school year!

  9. The preschool pen is hilarious!!
    I'm surprised she doesn't like doughnuts, could it be the filling??

    Hope the rest of the school year is a success!!

  10. You always do such a great job at your first day post! Wow, you're down to 2 students and a reluctant preschooler! lol... All of ours are still at homeschool - Abbey wants nothing to do with an actual school, although we are in a co-op this year that is pretty close...early morning arrival, all core classes, and home about 2:30. Anyway, glad your day went well!

  11. Where has all then time gone. So hard to believe Allen is in 10th grade (hope he is liking it) ; remember when we began 10th grade, I do, like yesterday. All looked excited to start, although sure it had something to do with the donuts. We start tomorrow with an 11th and 8th grader. Hope your summer was great!