Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Birthday Girl(s)

The evening before Nadia's birthday I spent time rocking her and looking into her sweet little face. I was overcome with emotion as I thought of her birth mother thousands of miles away, undoubtedly experiencing a range of emotions as she too remembers that Nadia will be turning 4 on Dec. 7th.

 I prayed for her and asked God that He would give her a peace and a knowing that her precious daughter is being lovingly cared for. I hope that she somehow knows that Nadia has indeed been adopted and will not be 'celebrating' her 4th birthday by being transferred to a mental institution, as I'm sure her birth mother knows well this inevitable step for orphans with special needs in her country.

As you look at the pictures of how Nadia got to celebrate her birthday with her forever family, will you please join me in praying for the millions of orphans who have yet to know the kind of love only a family can bring.  And especially pray for those 4yr. old orphans in Nadia's home country who, without being adopted, will face transfer to a place where NO CHILD should ever have to experience. Then take an extra moment to ponder how God might use you to remedy this ongoing travesty.
Thank you.

Nadia's been climbing out of her crib these days so when I returned home from the gym, this is where I found Nadia beginning her birthday...on the couch with her big sister!
When you ask Nadia how old she is, she tries her best to get the right number of fingers up, but still needs a little help.

Excited and ready to start her day! (Actually, her expression has nothing to do with it being her birthday...she just noticed Daddy coming down the steps!  Too sweet!)

And this is Daddy's reward for picking up the birthday girl!

Girlfriend's rockin' it out with her birthday dress and new pink boots!!!

Time to get on the bus! 

Strapped in and ready to go.

A surprise visit from Nonna with a yummy birthday cookie to share with her school friends!

Josi joins in the fun at Nadia's preschool.

The birthday girls. (Mine is the day after so now we get to 'share' our celebrations.)

A little birthday hat 'signed' by all her school friends.

Time to prepare the birthday dinner!
Nonna and Allen are making Italian meatballs...yummy!

Michael helped Nonna make this incredible chocolate cake!

Flowers from hubby for the older birthday girl.

Josi supervising and wondering what's taking so long!

It was a wonderful dinner and a great way to celebrate our 4yr. old's big day!!!

I just had to put Nadia's referral picture in here so you could see what we get to see on a daily basis...

...the AMAZING difference having a family can make!

We love you Nadia Irina Ferguson!!!


  1. We love you Nadia!! So happy you are in our family and get to celebrate your 4th with your forever family!!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Love the pictures and the border!! Love,Marin (: (: (: (:

  3. Happy birthday to both birthday girls! Nadia looks amazing! Hugs :)

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday to both birthday girls!

  5. Happy birthday Nadia and Kristin! Nadia certainly has blossomed with the love of her family!

  6. Happy Happy birthday to you BOTH!!!!!! Love the "before and after" photos of Nadia!

  7. happy belated birthday to two beautiful girls!!

    She is soooo sweet and she sure did rock in her birthday dress, such a fashionista!!
    Love those hip boots too!!

    Hope you had a great day!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to you and Nadia!!!

    I sure loved seeing all the pictures! My, she's growing up so beautifully <3

    Looks like you 2 had a good time :)