Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lovin' the Stuff of Summer 2012

If you've been on my blog and read any of my previous summer posts, you're probably surprised by the title of this one.  I tend to whine talk about how much I don't like the heat of summer and usually have my "How many days until Fall?" countdown going by now.

However, this summer I've decided to trade my "Fall is the Most Fabulous" mantra for a bit of "Summer Lovin'" attitude as I channel my "All things Summer" friend, Adeye, in order to do this right. So, here are a few things I'm lovin' about summer so far...

1) Watching Michael play formal baseball for the first time and having the time of his life.

It doesn't hurt when the first team you're on wins the Championship Game by a score of 10-0! Way to go REDS!!!

And it only gets sweeter for me watching my husband coach his youngest son as he's done for the eldest in years past.  What a guy!

2) Having my eldest help the youngest acclimate to her first time in the pool this season.
She started off a bit tentative this year but was quickly back in her mermaid mode which included screaming, "That's not fair!" when I made her come out after a few HOURS!

3) Seeing the relationship between these 2 cousins grow stronger and funnier.  I absolutely love hanging around these 2 because they are hilarious together and I always end up wishing I had some popcorn and milk duds to go with the 'show'. ha ha ha (that's for you Jessica).

Helping Nonna make dough-balls.  See, I told you they were funny!

Nonna thinks so too!  And she even put up with them for 2 weeks before I got there!  What a woman!!!

4) Finding the beauty in this doll-baby!  Isn't she gorgeous? (And goofy too--the best combination out there in my opinion!)

It's not often I can get Josi to pose for some pictures so I was thrilled that she was in the mood for a fun photo shoot before church up in PA.

5) Spending some time with my Mom as she celebrated her 75th birthday, and...

...seeing her smile more often after a very difficult year.

6) Having time to cool off in the pool when the temperatures get hot.

7) Hanging out with cousins...

And just some good old horsing around!

8) But mostly I'm enjoying and appreciating the slower pace that is a big part of loving Summer!

So how about you?  What are you loving about Summer? 
Oh, and in case you were wondering...there are only 82 days until Fall!!!  WOO HOO!!! (Sorry Adeye--I just un-channeled you for a minute there)

I have spent the last 1.5hrs. trying to figure out why the comment prompt is missing on this blog post.  I haven't changed any settings and I went back and checked and all comment settings are correct.  If any of you have any advice on how to fix this, please e-mail me at kpfarf@nc.rr.com
Thanks! (Because I know at least 20 people have tried to comment. Har-dee-har-har-har!)


  1. Maybe if I post a comment it will enable the comment prompt? Well, I'm giving it a try.

  2. Ok, so that worked but I was only able to comment on my 'preview' page. So, I guess I still need advice on how to make that comment prompt appear on my published post. Thanks!!!

  3. Your mom is beautiful, I see it runs in the family!!

    The kids look awesome too and looks like everyone is having a blast this summer.

    I'm enjoying this great weather, except for the 80 m.p.h winds we experienced today, I also love spending more time with my kids.

  4. I LOVE SUMMER!!! It is so nice to see you post about some of the fun things to do in the summer :)
    Good for you! Milana is attacking me here because of course she is loving the pictures and sees her buddy Nadia. We love swimming in the summer. It is SO MUCH FUN!!! I wish it could always be summer. I love the hot weather and love that I don't have to work in the summer. You crack me up with your countdown to fall. I'm used to it iwth Chris. Before school is out for the summer he is telling me the countdown until football season. You two are quite the pair :)

  5. Looks like you got the comment thing fixed! Love all the pictures. Josi is so beautiful! Glad you are able to enjoy some fun summer activities.

  6. What a beautiful family! And the post was pretty amazing, too! I love, love, love the laid back days of summer. It was so great to connect with you this morning, friend. You are treasure in my life. I am adding you to my blog roll!! Hugs!

  7. Your babies are beautiful! Growing so fast. So how's the "embracing of summer" going after this weeks 100 + heat :) I'm with you, bring on the fall!

  8. Josie is such a beautiful young lady! I'm glad you are enjoying a rather laid back summer. Good to hear from you again, my friend! I love you dearly, but I have to disagree about the merits of fall vs summer! I loove summer!!

  9. That picture of you and your mom is BEAUTIFUL!

    Looks like you guys are having a good summer :)

  10. Hahahahaha.....I just saw this :) Better late than never, huh????? My computer is SO neglected. I love your little summery post. What I DON'T dig so much is that you are at the beach...and I am not!!!!! Nooooooooo. Can I come back yet??????? Just kidding. I hope you are having the best time with your precious family. You know, we really should trade places...you can move here and I will GLADLY move there :) Our days have been in the 70's....it's complete torture I tell you.

    Love you friend. Thanks for the smile.