Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2 Down...Only 178 to go!

We started school on  Monday.  Not because I was ready or had all my lesson plans in order, but because I wanted to keep my homeschooling calendar in sync with Allen's school calendar.  So, since he had to start on Monday, we all had to start.

Once again, we greeted the new school year with one of our favorite indulgences...

"Mmm...Thanks Mom!"

"No time to pose for pictures...I'm digging in."

Last year I couldn't get this one to eat a donut, but this year she grabbed the darn thing off the counter before I could stop her and then proceeded to shove the entire thing in her mouth!

I'm guessing this means she likes donuts now? :)

Allen was gracious enough to pose for the obligatory "stand by the front door going to school photo". (Actually, I believe there were threats involving loss of donut privileges if he didn't comply)

So, once we got the big boy out of the house, it was time to start our homeschool day. I've found that there are two essentials I cannot start our schooling day without:

1. Devotions and Prayer Time

2. Starbucks!

Now that I had my 2 students working away on their schoolwork, it was time to figure out what to do with the little person who delights herself in finding anything she can to either knock down, flip upside down, or otherwise mangle and destroy.

She loves books so I was able to keep her busy with her reading while helping the other 2.
(OK so that only lasted about 5 minutes but she sure looks diligent doesn't she?)

As the students needed more time from their teacher, I then had to resort to a Barney video with lots of songs that Nadia loves to 'dance' and fingerplay along with.

However, in the end, the only real way to keep Nadia (and the dog) occupied during school time was to put some sleeping powder in their drinks. 
 I know my Mom is going to call one of the other kids to check up on me but really I'm totally joking around!

We have to get creative with keeping Nadia occupied during school time but so far we're making it work...without drugs...for real!


  1. I remembered your Donut tradition from last years post and just told my husband I was going to start that for my kids this year (Wah Wah!! :( ) when we started homeschooling!

  2. With that beautiful, fall-filled, new school room, I am sure this will be a very successful school year for you all. We start tomorrow.

  3. That is a hilarious picture of Nadia sleeping on the floor. :) I hope that your school years goes very well and you all get in a groove very quickly.