Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Act Your Age!!!

How many times have you heard that in your lifetime? I know I've said it a few times to my children (probably once or twice this week even), but really, when you think about it, is it really a good thing to "act your age"?

What if Moses had "acted his age"? Most 80yr. olds aren't leading thousands of people, ON FOOT, out of captivity across the desert and wilderness for 40yrs.

What if Abraham and Sarah had "acted their age"? Most 100yr. olds aren't giving birth to a son that will be the bloodline for an entire nation.

What if George Muller had "acted his age"? Most 90yr. olds aren't running orphanages and praying daily (instead of out fundraising) for provisions to keep the children fed and clothed.

What if Mother Teresa had "acted her age"? Most 90yr. olds aren't ministering to the poor out on hot dusty streets.

What if Jim and I (and many, MANY others that I've met on this adoption journey) had decided to "act our age"? Most 46 and 54yr. olds aren't looking to add to their families. Heck, our youngest (before Nadia) just turned 10 last week. We were looking at 8 short years until being empty nesters or at least something that might resemble retirement. According to the world, Jim is just a few short years from that illustrious goal where he could turn in his briefcase for a suitcase and we could travel the world! ha ha!

Well, apparently God didn't get the memo on telling people to "act their age" because He has a habit of calling people to His work no matter what their age (he uses really young people too but that's another post). And it wasn't as if I didn't remind God of how old we were "in case" He forgot. :)

Do I get "concerned" about being too tired to parent a 2yr.old? Sure I do.

Do I get "concerned" about possibly homeschooling until I'm 62? Sure I do.

Does Jim get "concerned" that retirement may be a goal he'll never reach? Sure he does.

BUT, we've decided we want to be a lot MORE concerned with being obedient to our Heavenly Father and saying "yes" to what He's asked us to do.

Does this make us "super spiritual"? Heck No!!! It makes us realize how completely dependent we are on God for everything from financing this adoption to giving us the energy to run around after our little "babushka" once we get her home!

So, other than for purposes of getting our driver's license, voting, and filling out surveys, I say we forget about acting our age and let God decide what we should be doing in EVERY stage of our lives. You might just get the chance to go on an outrageous adventure the WORLD said you should never go on--WE ARE!!!

Here is the birthday boy who always want to be older than his age...but thankfully very rarely acts it!!! Watch out world--this one is going to create his own adventures wherever he goes!

Sweet, funny, Josi, who on the day after her 12th birthday, announced that soon she'll be 13! I don't care how old she gets, she'll always make us smile with her "Josi-isms".

And our eldest, who has been a teenager for almost a year now, will still join in a good balloon sword fight with his little cousins. I think "not acting your age" is the new cool!

And here are the "old fogies" pretending like we're still in college, cheering on the world-renowned Nittany Lions. This is DEFINITELY something I'll be doing until they can no longer wheel me up the ramps to our seats!!! :)


  1. You're pretty HOT for an "old fogie" :)

    he hee he

  2. I agree with you and the fact that we have all bought into the world view that at a certain age we set our sights on golf , bingo and collecting shells on the beach. Oh what God could do with that time and energy if we would only set our sights on serving Him fully til He calls us home. What adventures might await us!!

  3. Cool outlook--- so does this mean I can get my belly pierced and you can get the tatoo you've always wanted???? No seriously, great way to look at things and to quiet the nay-sayers who try to sabotage the work God has called you to do !!

  4. I agree with Jodi and sal22nik. Hey, look how well you and Jim fit in with Vic and I even with the age difference. Although, we have been acting a little too much like old fogies lately. By the way, what is it with this tatoo you want anyway??? Just stay away from cartoon characters and names of your old flames. LOL! You and Jim are a true inspiration! Can't wait to get back and see you all!

  5. Age is just a number. Technically I'm too young to have an almost 19 year old. I do need to take lessons on not acting your age. Chris says I act too old :(
    You guys are going to have the time of your lives chasing that 2 year old around the house. I can't wait for her to get home :)
    And what's this about tattoos? Are you really getting one?? If so, I want to go with you!
    Oh one more thing - the girls can't dress like twins on game day. Milana will be sporting Irish wear and I know Nadia will be sporting those darn Nittany Lions. I guess they can't always dress alike!

  6. Sorry to 'out' you on the tatoo :) Looks like you will get some encouragement to get some body art. Forgot to mention that I love the pics of the kids and you and Jim, you should be on the cover of the Penn Stater! WE ARE... PENN STATE!! Got the cutest PSU cheerleader outfit of Marin's for Nadia to wear, or for you to hang with Josi's--not to overwhelm you with more clothing :) Love ya, Krissy!!

  7. Young at heart- age is in the mind- and retirement? That was a good Truth Project video about the attitude of work. I think love and kids keep you young anyway!

  8. Great post! My Dad always said that "retirement" isn't in the Bible. (He also used to remind me that the word "teenager" wasn't in the Bible either! Good for you guys.

  9. Love this post!! :) I was just thinking the other day that if my hubby retired (he isn't), he would be bored out of his skull. I mean, seriously, what in the world would he do all day? You can't travel 365 days a year--and who would want to? He doesn't blog. He doesn't cook. But hey...how about raising some great kids into our golden years? What could keep us younger--and not acting our age? :) I'm with ya, girl!!! :)

  10. Kids keep us young! If Miss Nadia is as busy as Miss Alina, the two of us will be young forever :)!

  11. age truly is a state of mind. thank heavens your state of mind is young ! Nadia is one lucky little girl :) i am so happy you are logged in and waiting on a court date, sooo exciting!!

  12. You are the youngest, cutest, busiest 46 year old I know and getting younger by the minute! Let's talk "Real Age" here!!

  13. Well said "sister"! So very proud of you and Jim and looking forward to seeing how the Lord sustains you both as you proceed to bring home your little pumpkin! How inspiring your story is and should all encourage us to take our eyes off "our circumstances" and glance upwards for His vision for our lives! Love you and miss you bunches! So very excited about being able to SKYPE you and track your travels as you and your family prepare for your Sara and Abraham "journey"!!!

  14. What a fun post!! I know my mom would really relate - at 63 she still goes on the wildest roller coasters at Universal Studios and Disney!!!


  15. Preach it, Preach it!! Great post! I so agree with you. I'm sure that my two little ones keep me acting younger than I would if I didn't have them. My only regret is that we didn't start to adopt at a younger age, so we could adopt more than the two we have. Also, no where in the Bible does it mention "retirement".

  16. I love what you say!! I look forward to old age with our "boys" hanging around. They will make everything all the more meaningful for the rest of the family. I'm thinking that will keep us all young.

    I'm hoping we will meet in Ukraine. I suspect you will be a good week before us though:-( Sending dossier tomorrow--oh yeah!!!!

  17. I just had to add, that most people my age are missing out on one heck of a fun ride. My children bring so much joy. To be able to share that at my age is a God given blessing! I also think I'm a better parent than I was when I was younger.

  18. Oh, I'm so glad that you don't "act your age"! I couldn't agree more. I have a feeling some day I'll be in an assisted living community putting together a dossier.

    Your children will keep you young and will be the living legacy that you will leave behind. You're such a beautiful example of a family living for His glory, instead of your own comfort.

    Blessings to you and your sweet family!