Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Saturday, September 18, 2010

3 Reasons to Celebrate!!!

Our celebrations came in threes yesterday as we began the day recognizing the 14th birthday of our eldest!

This guy is handsome, witty, a talented guitar and soccer player, and the reason I was finally able to claim the long-awaited title of "Mom".

We opened presents and took a few pictures. (Nadia is really eyeing that Itunes gift card--the girl loves music!)

We then went out to eat with some "extra" family members--cousins and Aunt Nicole from PA who came down to Raleigh for my brother-in-law's championship baseball game. (More on that later).

Come on Josi...smile for the camera like Aunt Nicole is doing.

I think Nadia sees something on my plate she likes better than the brown-bag dinner I brought for her. :)

Dad and the birthday boy gettin' mellow at The Mellow Mushroom.
Happy Birthday Allen!  You are a neat kid that we not only love but we really like too!

So I mentioned the baseball game.  It just so happened that the team my brother-in-law manages, The Columbus Clippers, got to play for the Governor's Cup Championship against our local AAA team--the Durham Bulls.  My sister and her kids drove down to Raleigh on Thursday for the last 3 games of the 5 game series (with Columbus already ahead 2-0).   Durham won the Thursday night game but last night it was all about the Clippers!!!  They ended up winning the game 13-2 to clinch the series and the title!

Mike accepted the Governor's Cup for the team before being doused in the ceremonial champagne bath on the field.

One very excited ball club.  Now they get to play for the National AAA Championship out in Oklahoma City on Tuesday evening (it's on Versus in case you want to watch!)

Since we made up the majority of the Columbus Clippers' fan base at the game, we were able to be down on the field for all of the festivities. 
Congratulations Mike!  We're all very proud of you!!!

And last but certainly not least...yesterday, September 17, 2010, marked 3 months since Nadia officially became a Ferguson.  Our court date back on June 17th seems so far away--especially when we see the tremendous changes Nadia has made in such a short amount of time. 

This was Nadia the moment we first met her 3 months ago...

...and here she is  last night at the ball game.

We can't imagine life without her and it's been more than worth what it took to bring her into our family to see her blossom and grow as a Ferguson.

September 17, 2010--A Day Worth Celebrating!!!


  1. What a beauty!!! A perfect triple of celebrations:) We went to our first Clippers game this summer in 90 degree weather:( Needless to say, our kids did not enjoy the greatest American past time:) Lovin' all the pictures!! The Mellow Mushroom is soooo much better than the brown bag lunch:)ha ha

  2. Happy Birthday Allen! Hope you have a great day :)

    I love the picture of Nadia at the end, what a difference!!!!!!!!

    Man, you Ferguson girls are just too cute for your own good!

    Rich and I have our eyes on Lisette, in Serbia. He says if we can raise the $$$ we can go for her :)

    So, now my mind is spinning with the 'hows' to make it work. Nadia reminds me of Lisette. :)

    By the way.....everything I write now I get all worried that I'm spelling it wrong...because I KNOW you'll point it out! And I'm NOT a good speller :)

  3. Good job Jodi...no mistakes!

    Happy birthday Allen.

    Nadia---what a blessing!

  4. Indeed you have much to celebrate and much to be thankful for. Happy birthday to your handsome and talented young man, and a big congratulations on your brother in laws big win, pretty awsome.

    I love the pictures of Nadia, what a transformation, she is just gorgeous!

  5. Happy Birthday Allen!

    I can't believe it's only been three months! Even to me as a reader it seems as though Nadia has been with you for so much longer, I love the before and after pictures.

  6. Happy Birthday Allen! We were going to skype you on Friday when Hunter realized that we were all in our PJs , so we decided to wait until we got dressed. And the rest of the day was a blur so we will sing to you now....

    Happy B'day to you
    Happy B'day to you
    Happy B'day dear ALLLLLEEEENNNNN
    Happy B'day to you...
    Shooby Dooby Do Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Hard to believe you are 14!!! I remember the Sunday your mom found out that you were coming!!! And then to have your parents so enamored with us that they would name you after us was really the icing on the cake:)

    Nicole, congrats on Mike's win! You all must be flying high!

  7. Happy birthday, Allen! Looks like you had a stunning day. So fun.

    What a lovely, informative post. I LOVED seeing what you have been up to. Such a busy weekend--but filled with such blessings.

    Sending you heaps of love this Sunday, friend.

  8. Very cool! Happy birthday...happy championship (as a former baseball junkie, this is way cool to me), and happy 3 months with your family, Nadia!! Our Molly's b-day is on June 17th, so that is a doubly special day. :)

  9. Don't know if I knew you were in NC last time I commented. My husband and I lived in the Raleigh area for 2 years and currently live outside of Charlotte. It's great to find a family in the Carolinas that has a heart for adoption!

    Happy Belated Birthday to Allen and Nadia looks like she's doing great!!!

  10. Oh, I'm shamefully behind with my bloggy friends and am just now getting the chance to read about your celebrations.

    Happy belated birthday, Allen! What a blessing you are to your family.

    Congrats to your brother-in-law. What a fun weekend you had!

    And last, it's amazing to see how Nadia has blossomed in just three months. If only you could see the transformation on the inside as well. It's such a blessing to witness all that God is doing in your life.

    Much Love,

  11. She is so beautiful! Can't wait to meet y'all in person. Loved your reasons to celebrate. We celebrate on that day too with a birthday at our house! :-)