Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Are You Kidding Me???

There are only 8 days until the official first day of Fall (which is my absolute favorite time of the year), and yet here in the South we're still having days in the 90s like today!!!

I am SO sick of the heat!!!

The past two weekends we've had little glimpses of Fall that have made my heart soar and my toes tingle with the promise of cooler days, sweatshirts and jeans, homeschooling on the screened porch and many other of our "Fall Fave" Activities.

I got inspired and put my Fall Wreath on the door to chase the humidity away and welcome the cooler air that would soon be blowing in my open-air house. (The windows stay open in cooler weather around here!!!)

I even baked some pumpkin bread to truly tantalize my and my family's taste buds with the delectable treats that only taste their best in the Fall!

But alas, those 2 or 3 days of cooler weather were just a cruel meteorological trick played on those of us who have been counting down the days until Fall since JULY 1st!!! (I'm not kidding--I REALLY, REALLY like the Fall!)

So, in true toddler style, I'm having a little hissy fit tonight in protest of this VERY UN-FALL-LIKE weather in hopes that my tantrum will persuade my Heavenly Father to bring on the cooler stuff.
(Of course I know that trick never works but I thought I'd give it a try anyway).  Nadia seems to think it will work one of these days otherwise she'd give up trying don't you think??? :)
8 more days...8 more days...8 more days...8 more days...8 more days...8 more days...8 more days!!!


  1. I love fall too and hope to go back to some cooler weather! But I am enjoying the cooler dry fall-is-in-the-air weather here in Ukraine, not to tease you or anything ;-)

  2. Fall is my favorite too! We have already had to turn on the heat to get the chill out in the mornings here in Pa.

    Be blessed!!

  3. I LOVE fall. But here in Minnesota it only means one thing....WINTER. The pessimist in me can't get that out of my mind.Make sure you remind Jodi how much you hate the humidity of the south. Maybe she will give up on wanting to leave.

  4. Nadia certainly wants Fall to get here soon too! lol! I was just thinking how warm it's been here. 90 degrees today, yikes! (we're a little further south in NC than you) That pumpkin bread looks delicious, we just had a treat of pumpkin pie. Can't wait for that cool air to start blowing through.

  5. Hahahahahaha....toooooo funny. I gotta say, those pics of nadia are just adorable :) Very sweet.

    We're having glorious days in the 80's.

    Yeah, I do like Fall---I just HATE what comes next!

  6. I love fall but I DETEST winter. So every time fall comes, I start to dread what is coming after. I cannot stand seeing bare trees. ugh. For 6 months. ugh. So, you and Nadia just throw a hissy fit and then in Feb. you will see me throwing one too--hoping for spring. :)

  7. I love Nadia's white dress, quite beautiful!
    But, I have to say, sister, that our prayers are canceling each other out. I love summer! I mourn the loss of more daylight, green trees, and yes, even the heat. It just makes the pool feel good. So, how many days until summer is back??

  8. Came to your site from "Our Treasures from Afar". I too am a Carolina girl (right outside of Charlotte) and ready for fall!! I look forward to following you from now on!!

    In Christ,

  9. Too funny! I love fall too! It will be here soon. Love the pictures of Nadia! She is so beautiful!


  10. I bet that's the face her mama made when she couldn't go to the party.

    he he.

  11. Hi,
    You know I am with you on the heat thing. BTW, Hunter and Logan want to know why their photos are not posted on your blog entries about our beach trip???? (Do not ask me why they care at this late date.)

  12. I second that commotion----well deserved hissy fit!!!! :) Hating the heat right there with you-ERG!

  13. The pictures crack me up!!! While I agree with your love of fall, as it's my favorite time also. There is also remorse of what comes after that wonderful season of autumn in the north. Inches and feet of SNOW that continue and never end. Nadia is adorable in the beach photos and looking so big!!!:)

  14. What a sweetie pie, even when she's being fussy... Nadia, that is... hehe

    I am TOTALLY in the minority here because I LOVE FALL because it means that WINTER is coming!! I love the beautiful snowfalls. Ok, I don't really treasure the sub-zero temps that come along, but I love the quiet peacefulness that comes in the winter. The festivities of Christmas, and the promise of the New Year. Thinking of how the kids are on Christmas morning... oh my, and trying to figure out just how to explain it all to Timothy!!

  15. My dear sweet friend, that was not fall color you saw, just leaves burnt from the hot heat you have been experiencing in the South! Sorry! Just kidding, I do love the fall as well! Actually, here in the Pacific Northwest, we have had the "beginnings" of the season. Already I can see longer shadows, brilliant colors about to appear, cooler nights (nothing new), and the smell of an occasional fire in someone's fireplace! Looking forward to having a true fall-since the last seven were spent in GA! Take some time to show Nadia all about jumping in the fall leaves!

  16. Nadia's hissy fit is too funny! I'm laughing out loud. I love fall(but spring is my favorite) and am ready to get rid of these hot temps, too! By the way, I love your fall wreath on your red door. Beautiful!

    Hang in there!

    Much Love,

  17. Ok, I have tried for DAYS to come up with something witty to say.
    But the 'wit well' has run dry.

    Awe, but don't worry, it will rain soon enough and the well will fill and I'll have some really good comebacks.

    I will. I will. I will.

    Pray for rain :)

    That was super funny what you said, I told my mom about the necklace from Alexander...she got a kick out of that too.

    Say, while we're talking about it and you were such a name dropper ( Andrea coming....) did Gretchen send you that picture she has and do some name dropping herself???

    Oh, and by the way.....Andrea is coming to MY house for Christmas.

  18. Oh I love fall also!!! It's so pretty and the weather is awesome. oh haha I remember those pics- nadia when she is tired of taking pictures on the beach. hehe