Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nadia's First American Haircut

I was going to call this post "The Summer of My Discontent" as we're STILL having days in the 90's EVEN NOW THAT IT'S OFFICIALLY FALL....but I decided one rant on that subject was enough.

So, I'll move on to a more enjoyable topic...one that involves cute kids and haircuts. (Of course we're still dressed in shorts and we have to blast the A/C...but again I digress...)

We know that Nadia received a few haircuts while in the orphanage as well as some all-out head shavings as is standard in lots of orphanages.  But today was her first haircut at a salon where the haircuts are for style instead of for keeping things simple for the workers.

We decided that sitting on someone's lap might work better with this squirmy girl so Allen volunteered.
(Can you tell how much she adores her big brother?)

Nadia loves having her hair brushed and played with so she was in for a real treat and began the experience enjoying every minute.

Then the whole "cape around the neck" thing started to become a distraction. Even though we're not biologically related, I too have a hard time with the salon capes around my neck.  I always have my hairdresser snap it on the loosest snap possible....otherwise it's neck claustrophobia for me!!

We're fortunate to have my good friend and fellow homeschooling Mom, Tonia, as our hairdresser!  Nadia kept reaching out to Tonia for her to hold her so her haircut took quite a bit longer than usual with all of the "hug breaks" in-between trimming. 

"Not too much off the back please...I'm growing it out." 
I almost hated to get her hair trimmed but I knew that it desperately needed to be evened out and that going shorter temporarily was the only way to do that.

"How do I look?"
Nadia's favorite part of the visit was to be spun around on the extra chair. Can't wait to take her to the State Fair next month and get her on some REAL rides!!!

Michael decided to go shorter too.  He's a cutie whether it's long or short but I really like this look on him.

Josi was ready for a trim as well.  She looks beautiful even with those blue lollipop lips. :)

Does this look look familiar to those of you with teens?  I believe his exact words were, "If you put this picture on the blog I'm never speaking to you again."  Guess it will be pretty quiet around here from now on!

Even though we're not in long-sleeves and jeans and sipping hot tea out on the screen porch yet, I'm doing my best to celebrate the little and big moments of our lives.

 However, if this heat doesn't break soon (did you know that we're setting all sorts of records for the most days in the 90's in like 100yrs. or something?),  then I'm looking into flights to Caribou, Maine or somewhere else where I don't have to re-apply my deodorant 10 times a day and keep my hair in a pony tail to keep it from sticking to the back of my neck!  But, hey, that's not what this post is about so I'll sign off now and go stick my head in the freezer to cool off!


  1. Oh, what cuties!!! All of them.

    Hey, maybe we should switch states....it was cold and rainy here today.

    Actually, the thought of living in NC and going out on my porch with a hot tea and watching the leaves fall....ahhhh, it's a lovely thought.

    Here we have one nice week of fall then BAM! Frozen tundra for the next 8 months.

    So....are there any houses for sale on your block??, ooh, how about right next door!

  2. I love the haircuts and the hug breaks. Sounds so much like my Dash, we must hug at least 20 times a day. Oh and the not too much off that back please.. too cute.

    Renee Tam

  3. It wasn't cold her today, Jodi. It was moderately warm and muggy. We couldn't open the doors and windows or it was too warm...but,it has been beautiful and I drink tea all day long!

    Minnesota winters are great for tea!

    Someday you do have to visit here Kristin...and bring that little Nadia for Ricky and Stas to play with. (I know, I ended with a preposition...oops!)

  4. Everyone looks spiffy! Love Micheal's new look. Hey, I think Greg said the weather is heading for a change!!! I am assuming that means it is cooling down? Hope you can read a few of these comments before your head completely freezes.

  5. that is totally precious that the haircut had to keep stopping for hug breaks. :)) You're killing me with the heat stories because even though it's slightly cooler here (AC still on yesterday and today), we are heading into yucky snow, brown grass, no leaves on the trees, etc.

  6. Great post, and it's obvious that the big brother is totally adored!

  7. I am about 45 miles east of you and I am just about tired of the 90 degree thick humid air---I expect it in August but it's almost October for goodness sakes....
    Sunnie in NC

  8. lol, I, too suffer from neck claustrophobia...thought I was the only one. Yet another trait you and I share. I literally despise turtle necks. How can people wear those things and be comfortable?? Beautiful children!!

  9. What wonderful pics of all your beautiful kiddos! I love to see how settled into "normal" life Nadia is now. It looks as if she's always been a part of your family!

  10. Love those pics! Maybe I can get your hairdresser to do Milana's hair. My girl is in need of a trim. Although I would like to grow out her bangs :)

    Jodi - I think there are houses on my street for sale and I am like 2 minutes away from Kristin!!! Move on down!!! Some of us like the hot weather - most of the time anyway :)

  11. haha love the haircuts!! That cape/hairdresser thingy would get annoying to me to Nadia! Don't worry auntie k winter is just around the corner (kinda) it'll be here as soon as ya know it (hopefully)!!

  12. Oh, all the haircuts turned out so cute! I love the pic of Allen holding Nadia. Just precious how much she loves her big brother. So funny that Nadia hates the capes just like her mama.

    I'm ready for fall, too, and hear cooler weather is on its way.

    Hope all is well!


  13. Love the haircuts, everyone looks so cute!
    We had a really hot day here the other day and sure enough the next day was about 20 degrees cooler, go figure.

  14. Great pics of the haircuts and you are truly a comedianne (sp??) Who would have known? :) Where was your picture? Agree about the hot temps in the fall, but I LOVE me some Turtlenecks!!!!! :) Even stick a safety pin in the back to make them tighter!!! xo

  15. Oh my goodness. I live in Northern California and it has been hot.... crazy isn't it. What great pics. How sweet the pic of Nadia looking at her brother. I have a similar one of my baby kyiah 2 and my oldest Jose 16. Families are so beautiful.

    Have a great week!

  16. Girlfriend, I am SOOOOOO with you about the weather!! I can tirade about it, too!

    Super cute pics from Tonia's salon!!

  17. Aaahhhhh....how ADORABLE is she??????? Too darn cute for words. Yeah, I'm not into that cape thing either.

    Can't wait to catch up.

  18. I love all the pics and I totally get neck claustrophobia too!