Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Capturing Josi

It's not always easy to get a good photograph of Josi that truly shows a glimpse into her unique personality, but yesterday my camera finally captured some of her best 'look's to date.  One of my favorites is in the header.  She actually gave me a sweet, relaxed smile--no easy thing I must say.

Pensive...taking it all in.

Her "Really Mom?!" look.  She's a teenager through and through.

Her, "Ok so what's next?" look.

I don't get too many smiles when I ask for one so this is her typical "Say Cheese" look. 

Ah, yes...the tenacious side of Josi.  Some call it stubborn. hahaha

And then through the lense I saw these next two shots.  A stunningly beautiful girl with so many promises and possibilities.  She is more like her peers than she is different.  She likes jewelry, painting her nails, wearing pretty dresses (and wearing her jean shorts and t-shirts the other 99% of the time). 

These shots reminded me to focus on Seeing The Up Side of Down and that there is way more typical about Josi than not. There is sweetness and compassion along with the quirky and the cantankerous. There is fun-loving and silliness along with her times of introversion and shyness.  There is independence and self-sufficiency along with her neediness.  In other words, she is just who God intended her to be.  It's all a matter of perspective which, by the grace of God, I can adjust to be more like His than the world's.


  1. Josi's extraordinary, wonderful characteristics were captured perfectly in picures and in your words! xox We LOVE our Josikins!!!!

  2. Beautiful, Kristin. Just beautiful!

  3. Beautiful!!! I LOVE the black and white!

  4. Those are beautiful pictures with the flowers in the background...really nice!

    Josi is Beautiful and you're right, she's made just the way God wanted her to be :)

  5. What beautiful photos of a beautiful teenager! Thank you for sharing them with us :o)

  6. BEAUTIFUL girl. You did so well capturing her sweetness, my friend.

    What a treasure she is---precious.

    Biggest loves to all of you.

  7. I just love Josi so much - even though she tells me I look pregnant...sigh :(
    I think Josi and Peyton must be related because I often have the same difficulty getting her to smile. Beautiful pictures of that beautiful teenage daughter of yours.

  8. Catching up with you here. Josi is just beautiful! Love the photos of her!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. (((Kristin)))

    Thankful to hear that Nadia is healing well after her surgery. Praying that she continues to get completely well quickly!

    I could totally relate to enjoying watching your son play soccer. I have loved watching my oldest play sports for years and am really going to miss it!


  9. She is so beautiful Kristin!! And you certainly did a great job capturing her personality, I love these!

  10. Glad you 3 could join us for some photography fun. Photography rocks!!! Josi did a great job posing and helping with her little sister.

  11. These are beautiful! I love the B&W ones!

  12. You did a great job capturing Josi! :) She is a precious jewel.

  13. Like everyone else said: BEAUTIFUL! Love these shots!

  14. Sweet post! And, I love the shots you got of her, she's a beautiful young lady!

  15. Oh, I'm finally able to leave a comment! (Had two weeks of Blogger not working right for me.) I love these pics of your sweet Josi! The black and whites and the "Really, Mom?" look are my favorites.

    Kristin, thank you for showing me how to see the Up Side of Down. When my docs recently told us our baby might have that extra chromosome, I thought about your sweet girls and what a gift it would be to have a Josi or a Nadia in our home.

    I hope all is well with you and your sweet family!

    Much Love,

  16. HA! Your Josi reminds me a lot of my Angela! The facial expressions Angela gives me crack me up. And yes, it's very hard to get a natural smile. The only way I can get one is to make her laugh. Angela turned 15 this week....whew! We also adopted 10 year old Axel from Serbia in December. He also has DS, and then I have four adult sons who are all off on their own now.