Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tribute to My Dad-Part 2

My Dad loved to go hunting and fishing.  He would go deer hunting every year and somehow always return without one. (I finally realized that going out into the snowy woods at 4am was like a vacation for him since he spent most of his time with 5 females!) He'd always laugh at me when I'd ask him if he "caught" one--silly girl that I was. haha

I did, however, improve my hunting verbage enough for him to take me along a few times when he went rabbit hunting.  I was so proud to accompany him  until I realized that what I was doing--running into the brush to scare out the game-- was what dogs are for. hmpf!  I cherish those memories all the same. :)

And when it came to fishing, well that's when my Dad got really brave.  He would actually take all 4 of us girls fishing at the same time!  I wish we had videos of my Dad scrambling between the four of us to untangle lines, get hooks out of our hair, put the icky worms on for us (ok, that actually never happened because he taught all of us to do that from the start), and take the fish off the hook for us (he did do that for us--what a guy!).  Needless to say, he definitely earned some Daddy points with those outings!

Once my Dad retired, he was able to spend more time fishing, and eventually he and some friends hired a fishing guide to take them to the best spots once or twice a year--fisherman's paradise!  My Dad never wasted an opportunity to talk about Jesus, so even on these fishing trips, he looked at his time with the fishing guide as a God-ordained moment.  This became even more evident when this post appeared on "The Fishing Guide's" blog the day after my Dad died. 

March 24, 2011

Guiding Has Created Great Friendships! I Lost One Today.

When I began my smallmouth bass guiding career in 1999, I was pursuing my dream to fish for a living. I bought my first jet boat and headed out on the water to learn how to fish. I had a web site built, started attending outdoor expos soon after and began developing an ever increasing clientele, many of which have become very close friends over the years.

I have gone on fishing trips with some. I have become business partners with one! I have had kids draw me pictures, and send me pictures of them with their "trophies". I've accompanied a few to medical centers with hooks dangling out of different areas of their bodies! I have even shared many personal beliefs and ideas with hundreds of conversations floating down one of our rivers in the boat or driving to and from the river in my truck. it never gets old!

One of those good friends, Glenn Paul, passed away yesterday. Glenn was known to needle me when I'd get frustrated, whether it be him getting snagged in a tree for the 33rd time of the day, or me hitting a rock with the boat, which I did on his last trip with me last year on the Delaware.

Glenn and his good fishing buddy, Bill Blankenbiller, were 2 of my longest tenured clients. They fished all 3 rivers with me, having some interesting memories from each. On our first trip, on the Susquehanna, my oil gage on my boat signaled I was out of oil I never heard the end of my lack of preparedness that day! Another fond memory I have of Glenn is that on their 75 bass day on the Susky years ago, he got his tube jig snagged. I popped the snag off and a bass slammed it instantly! I handed the rod back to him with the fish on. He looked perplexed. Same thing happened an hour later. He really looked perplexed! The third snag, I popped it off and a bass ate it again! I handed the rod to him. He yelled, "You"re doing that on purpose!" I tell that story a lot to this day.

Bill thought of the "fishing guide" on a sad day. I mean, losing his best fishing buddy......It's an honor. These guys I guide from year to year are not just clients, they're friends, part of my past. Glenn and I had some interesting conversations about Jesus, God and the Bible. There are a few angels being entertained today, I'm sure of it! Glenn, just take it easy on them, they already know what's in Romans 7! I'll miss him.

Good Fishin!


  1. Great memories, although I think he always put the worms on the hook for his daughter #4! :) playing the 'baby of the family' card...

  2. So very special. I totally laughed about his little "vacations" from all the girls in the house :) Funny.

    I love how passionately your Dad loved Jesus. I see where you get that from.

  3. very nice Kristin <3

    He was such a wonderful father, and you're so blessed to have such memories.

    a house full of women...he probably HAD to turn to the Lord for his own personal well being (SANITY) haahaa. So you see, in a way...you 'helped' make him the wonderful and holy man he was :)

    Thinking of you...and your family.

  4. Aaaaw. I love the love you have for your dad. A blessing he was to you.

    Take care Kristin!

  5. Dear Kristin,
    You have been so blessed to have had a father like that! That is one of MANY testimonies of a wonderful man! You may never know how many lives he touched while here one earth, but, one day you will. One day you will be reunited with him. One day you will both sing together at a THE Wedding Feast. One day you will be walk hand in hand again and hug him, love and kiss his sweet face. One day you will NEVER have to say goodbye!!!!! EVER!!!! That ONE DAY is coming soon.....Love you and pray that as you heal up and mourn the loss of your sweet Daddy, that you grow closer your Heavenly Father that loves you with an unending love too! One day......

  6. That is so touching! What a wonderful man! I'm sure his legacy will live on for many, many years.

  7. I just love reading about your dad. He was certainly a special man. Keep sharing the sweet stories about him. As your sorrow lessens, his memory will remain and his legacy will be passed down.

    Much love to you during this difficult time.