Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

She's Baaaack!!!

So it's been almost 3 weeks since Nadia's tonsillectomy/tube surgery and I'd say that she is pretty much back to normal.  All sugar and spice...

....ok so perhaps there's a LOT more spice than sugar (at times) in this girl!
This is the "You have me in my high chair so why aren't you feeding me?" look.

"Ah yes...I see my banana and bowl of oatmeal...I'm all sugar again!"

"WAAAHHHH!  It's taking too long!!!"
(By the way, anything over .5 seconds from being put into the chair and having food in her mouth is too long for this one!)

 During her recovery period she only ate bananas, oatmeal, and yogurt so I was concerned that she'd swear off  of those once she felt better, but thankfully she hasn't missed a beat with her 'staple' foods.

Signing "eat"--her appetite is definitely back.

Doing a good job with feeding herself...

...except that it's way TOO SLOW for the "Feed Me Now" Spice Girl!
(Remember The Spice Girls? Can anyone name the original Spice Girls nicknames?)

She's drinking from her cup again too.  During her recovery she mostly drank from the syringe that I gave her the medicine in.

So overall, other than those pesky mood swings, Nadia is doing quite well.
We're even back to singing our songs again.
"The Mommy's on the bus say 'sh' 'sh' 'sh' all through the town."

"See Mommy?  I'm just as sweet as can be!"

(As she secretly ponders her next outburst.)

Thank you all for asking how she's doing and for your prayers during her recovery.  We couldn't have asked for a better post-op patient than this little cutie.  (I had to hide the sedation medicine because there are certain family members that still think that a little bit mixed into her drink everyday wouldn't be a bad thing to try.) Hmmmm...


  1. Just adorable!! I love all of her expressions...too cute!:)

  2. Oh boy. She is something. I LOVE her expressions. She is really FULL of them!!

    3 weeks, huh? This Thursday will be 2 weeks and I'm hoping we are getting close. The tube has been amazingly helpful...AMEN!

  3. Too cute, Kristin. Yes, I would have to agree that the drugs have worn off. How's AJ taking it??

  4. How adorable! She sure is blossoming!

  5. She is SO CUTE! I mean REALLY, she's adorable! And that mad face is too much! I bet you have your hands full of Spice at times ;)

    I never cared much for the Spice Girls...but I bet YOU LOVED THEM, didn't you....I bet you thought you were POSH spice, now didn't you...

    admit it...and it's been hard to knock, hasn't it Kristin..yeah, I remember that picture of you in Ukraine with your foot in the air...you know the one I'm talkin about....POSH.

    (and there was Baby, Sporty, hmmm....gotta think on it, can't remember the rest)

  6. If there wasn't a Mood Swing Spice, there probably should have been ;). Nadia is darling...glad to hear that she is feeling more like herself! I think Jodi missed Scary Spice and Ginger Spice, but neither of those work for Ms. Nadia either...so we'll have to make up a Spice Girl name for her!

  7. Great pictures! What a poser!!!

  8. Oh sweet girl, how did you ever get to be soooooo darn stinking CUTE????? How do they stand it in that home of yours????? ADORABLE....pesky mood swings and all....know all about those, girlfriend! You are NOT alone!

    So glad you're feeling better.

  9. Oh Nadia has the world's best expressions! From my view she's all sugar but so glad to hear that she's feeling better and has gotten her spice back.

    Much Love,

  10. That girl has so many facial expressions! She should be an actress one day :) And, hey, some days I'd happily take a little sedation medicine, so send it right over. Heh heh...