Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Baaaack...

Hockey that is!

We are a sports loving family, and one of the things we've been missing are our family outings to the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Games!
(For those of you non-sports people--there was a player lockout, that lasted 116 days, that ended recently once management and players agreed on a new contract...or something like that)

Last night was our first home game!

We dressed in our Hurricanes' Gear and eagerly anticipated leaving to be there in time for the puck drop.
(I know Nadia doesn't look too excited but trust me...she is)

Almost the whole gang is ready...waiting on the eldest and the leader of the pack.
(Nadia's not sure why she has to pose for pictures when we said we were leaving soon)

Josi and Michael, however, are doing their best to pose AND manage the wiggly worm.

"OK, I'm smiling...now can I get down and get in the car?"

"One more?  OK, but that's it puleease!"

"Woo Hoo!  Here we go!  GO CANES!

So we ended up losing...handily...to the Tampa Bay Lightning.  BUT, that's not why we go...although a win is definitely the icing on the cake.

  We love the family memories we are making and also the awareness that is made possible when crowds see our 2 girls out doing what other girls their age might be doing with their families.

  Oh sure, we get some stares and a few double-takes now and then (not often, though), but mostly we get opportunities for a conversation here and there about special needs, adoption, inclusion, etc. and usually lots of smiles when people see our 2 beauties cheering on the CANES like the rest of the fans!  

Just a small, fun way we can espouse the positives of special needs in our little neck of the woods... which is always a Win!


  1. Loved this, Kristin. It's all about family and the love that you share. That's what people see and stand in awe of...

  2. How fun! (Go Red Wings!) Love that your girls enjoy hockey so much and I can just picture them cheering at the games. :)

  3. lookin good!!! love the pictures!