Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Change of Hats!

Remember this little girl in the white hat?

During our visits to the orphanage  getting to know Nadia, she was rarely without this beautiful, eyelet, white hat.

She was quite subdued during most of our visits.  It probably had a lot to do with the heat, but even moreso, I think it's the boredom that came with life in an orphanage where there was little interaction, stimulation, and/or playing in general...like a 2yr. old needs.

Sure, she showed some interest in her surroundings and was engaged at times with us. But she would very quickly go back to that place of being subdued and "into herself" for lack of a better explanation.

We saw sparks of her personality now and then but mostly we saw a sleepy, lethargic "baby" who preferred napping to exploring/playing/learning.

 We had to fight to keep her awake when we took her on stroller rides around the orphanage grounds. (Didn't want to mess up her 2-a day nap schedule for the workers!)

Here is that same little girl 2.5 years later wearing a different hat!

She is SO full of life and has more energy than most 5yr. olds that I know!

She can still be contemplative and quiet at times...but now I attribute it more to those wheels turning inside her head rather than all-out boredom and lethargy.

She has a wide range of moods and personality traits that have blossomed in the last few years.

She is surrounded by love, learning, and she is moving along at her own pace.

She has gone from wearing the hat of an orphan to that of a beloved member in our family.
And THAT change of hats makes all the difference in the world in the life of a child.

There are MANY (too many) newly listed children on Reece's Rainbow who also need a change in 2013. Will you be that family to make the difference in the life of one of those children? 
Would you consider popping onto the website and consider what your role might be in changing the life of a child? There are many families out there whose only roadblock to adopting is the financial end of things.  They are more than willing to bring a special needs child into their family--the desire is there! Please consider putting whatever amount you are able into the account of one or more of these children so they too can be home posing (somewhat reluctantly :)) for a photo shoot with their new Mom or Dad!


  1. Love this post!! Love it! - Julia

  2. Great post! I love Nadia's new hat! That girl has so much life in her. Glad she is home with a family who loves and adores her! I hope and pray more children find the families they so deserve!!!

  3. It is amazing what a change of "hats" can do for a girl. And a change of life, food, love, parents..... :) GOd is so good. She is beautiful and spunky.

  4. It's not easy and they all move at their own pace, but isn't it wonderful to watch them bloom when watered with love and family? She's always been beautiful, but I can certainly see the spark in her eyes brought on by knowing she's loved and wanted!