Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's Good To Be Home!!!

After being in Colorado for a week, away from our children, we were certainly glad to be back home last night. It was a great getaway with Jim and the skiing was awesome but like Dorothy recognized..."There's No Place Like Home."

So, after seeing beautiful sights like this for a week (Isn't God's handiwork amazing?) I'll be posting more about our trip to CO--especially my lunch with Adeye which was such a treat!

It was just as amazing to me to see sights like this--snow in NC!!!, the 3 children God has already blessed us with, and a morning together as a family to start our week! Thanks God! Yes, I'm even thankful for our Beagle, AJ who loved sledding of all things. :)

But most of all I'm thankful we're mostly back together again. We can't wait for Nadia to enjoy a day of sledding someday with her new family. More on adoption stuff in another post...today is about reuniting, unpacking, washing (ugh), and filling out more forms to bring our little girl HOME!!! Because home is truly the best place to be!!!


  1. Welcome home! You forgot the part about being away from your closest buddies and how very taxing and sad THAT was and how joyous it is to now be reunited with her (I mean them):)
    Glad you and Jim could get some one on one time before you become a family of 6!!!
    Karin, when you read this, could you leave a comment on my blog so that Kristin doesn't feel the need to fill all my comment space with her comments. (Thank you for the sweet gesture, Kristin, xo!)

  2. So glad you're home safe and had a great trip!!

    -- Meg D.

  3. Glad you had a safe trip home! A.J. is too cute! I just want to squeeze him! (just kidding, wouldn't want to hurt the baby!)

  4. Aaahhhh, I am looking forward to our next visit already :)

    LOVE that family pic--it is stunning :)

    Oh,and you can absolutely keep the snow down there in the South. Please DO NOT send it my way!

  5. I'm totally impressed that you had some sleds. I mean, who would have thought that people in the South would own such things? :) Glad you had fun with Adeye and your hubby!

    And you must have REALLY missed Lisa since you commented so many times on her blog today. :)

  6. Oh my gosh---I am sooooo with you, friend. I got word that the Ukraine has REJECTED our police clearances. Uuuggghhhhhh!!!!! That is the ONLY one issued by this state. Oh my goodness gracious. We need God to make a way through this mess.

  7. Welcome home ~ What a glorious trip you had. My heart just paused to read Adeye's update......saying extra prayers this evening for her and her girls.