Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Monday, February 8, 2010

Someone's Missing!

I finally had a chance to put our Christmas pictures into a folder on my new computer and as I scrolled through the images of all we do as a family over this particular holiday, I couldn't help but think that someone is missing from the pictures. Now that we've committed to adopt Nadia she is already a part of our family in our hearts and in our minds...but not yet in our home. So, I posted a few pictures with a hope-filled heart that you can see (as I'm imagining as well) a sweet, little European Princess, toddling around and participating in our holiday traditions. Oh, I can hardly wait to get her home where she belongs!!!

(Will we need to put a fence around the tree next year???)

(Can't wait to see Nadia baking cookies with her brothers and sister--wonder if she'll eat as much cookie dough as we all do!!!)
(Oh, how fun it will be to see a 3yr. old opening presents for her first Christmas ever!)

(But most of all I can't wait to put Nadia's sweet little face into our family picture
right where she belongs!!!)

Yes, someone is missing and someone is MISSED by her family from far away. We love you Nadia and can't wait for you to be involved in all that we do...every day for the rest of your life!


  1. Perfect, Kristin.
    This is such an exciting year!!! I am still walking on the clouds. So happy to be a small part of it.

  2. I can't wait to see her sweet little face in the family photo!! Loved seeing your Christmas pictures, too. :)

  3. Oh I cannot wait to see her precious little face right there in the middle of her siblings. Soooooon, my friend.

    LOVE seeing all the family pics.
    Love you heaps.

  4. hi mom i just figured this thing out it took 15 tries to get this darn thing to work because the letters they put to type are totally unintelligeble. you better be happy because if it hadnt worked that last time i wasnt gonna do it. lol :D :) :]:O

  5. Hi Karen - You posted on our blog so I am returning the favor!! :)... Aaron is in Orphanage 23 but was transferred to an internat/institute now that he is five. We have NO IDEA what that means for him. I actually talked to a lady last night (friend of a friend) who is from the Ukraine who is going to do some research for us to try to figure out where he is and what kind of place it is. She has connections in Odessa. I am so hopeful that she can give us some info.

  6. How exciting!! Just think of ALL the family traditions you'll be experiencing BN and WN (before Nadia and WITH Nadia ) :) Lovingly anticipating BN and Actively loving WN ! I can only imagine, I bet at times you get giddy with anticipation! So glad that you are an avid picture taker cuz I can't wait to see the precious princess who is momentarily missing!!Praise God for all the paperwork that is behind you and getting you closer to your girl!