Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Monday, February 15, 2010

Passports, Powder, and a Pizza Party!!

PASSPORTS: We took the kids to the post office on Friday to apply for their passports. We don't know if we'll take 1, 2, all or none of the kids with us to pick up Nadia but we wanted to be prepared just in case. The postal worker is laughing at Josi's response to her question, "What is your daddy's name?" Josi replied, "Daddy!" (Ask a silly question, get a silly answer I always say.) :)

POWDER: Yes, we got snow again--in Raleigh, NC!!! OK, so it was only 3 inches but it was enough to make this giant Carolina Hurricanes' Snowman--pretty impressive huh?
So the only way to make this large of a snowman was to roll the ball COMPLETELY around the entire yard to accumulate enough snow. I know all our family and friends in the PA/MD area are laughing right now since they have enough snow to build 100 snowmen!!! We take what we can get down here below the Mason/Dixon Line.

PIZZA PARTY: Josi had some of her closest girlfriends over for her birthday. They played lots of games. Dog Bingo is one of Josi's all-time favorites which turned out to be a party favorite as well.

Then it was time for each party guest to try their hand at making their own pizza from start to finish. Here's the gang forming their dough onto their pans to make the crust.

Josi has some wonderful Italian blood in her veins so most of this comes pretty natural to her.
Here's the finished product. Looks pretty yummy, don't you think?

Enjoying the fruit of their labor and some laughs at the table.

The party girl with pizza sauce still on her face, having the time of her life!!!
(Not sure what the peace signs are about--maybe she's going through a Richard Nixon
impersonation phase? ha ha)

Happy Birthday to our 12yr. old. We'll just put this year on freeze-frame. Not sure I'm
ready for you to be a teenager next year!!!


  1. Hey that snowman is biger than it looked when it was dead. lol :P of course i didnt get to see it because i was at band practice.

    P.S. the pizza was really good.

  2. Kristin,
    You are a fun mom!!!Looks like a great party. You'll have to fill me in on all the guests, I only recognized a few. Impressive snowman! My guess is that you had to roll it through your neighbors' yards as well. Congratulations on your paper chase nearing the end. It is so worth the effort:)

  3. That is a very impressive snowman!! seriously.

    Josie's party looks like tons of fun--and you get a medal for being brave enough to have kids cooking at your house (with stuff that stains). hee!!

  4. And the Hurricanes are who?????? Football, baseball, hockey??? Am I on the right track?

    What a fun party for the birthday girl. Fabulous! She looks like she had the best time.

    I LOVE her response to daddy's name! That is classic. LOL.

    Love you, friend.

  5. Hi Kristin, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was so excited when Anne told me about you adopting. I went to RR and was trying to find all the NC families adopting to see who the lucky girl was. She is beautiful. I understand all the paperwork but once things settle down we will have to meet. There are actually a few from NC who are part of the RR family.

  6. I found your blog- YAY!!!! I see that Jenny is going back for three more- what a woman!!!! We definitely need to get together- al lthe NC fams. And now that I see your photo you LOOK familiar to me- gonna drive me crazy!

  7. Hi Kristen!
    The book I made for Sofia for when we travel to Ukraine is just a book filled with picture of our/her family...so i put all her brothers in it (two pages of photos for each of them), a picture of my husband and I, a picture of her future aunts, uncles, grandparents, a picture of her friends and on the very back page...my favorite...is the only picture of her we have and we put her name Sofia Sanchez. If you just buy one or two gift certificates (we are going to have one made of her adoption journey home as soon as we make our trip to Ukraine), and then just tell the owner Mary Ellen what you want and give her the pictures, she'll make it for you. THANK YOU for supporting us this way!!!

  8. Hope you sent that pic of the snowman to the newspaper---seriously, was it real? Never seen one so perfectly round!! Fun times with the Fergusons!! Wish we were there! And yes, we still have around 20 inches of snow in our yard,maybe it will melt by June :) Love Allen's comments, so cool to see him following your blog!!

  9. Wow! That is one big snowman!! I wonder how long that took!? That party looks like a blast! How fun! I'm sure Josi and all of her friends enjoyed it so much! Just wait till next year when Nadia gets to celebrate it too! Yum! That pizza looks scrumptious! (If that's how you spell it)