Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Friday, March 26, 2010

Will She Like Hockey???

We love hockey! Our family has a mini-season ticket plan for the Carolina Hurricanes and it is one of our favorite family outings!!! The Hurricanes have brought professional hockey to a market that isn't quite known for ice hockey and we're sure glad they did!!! But the question is.......... Will Nadia like hockey?
Will she get as excited as we do when the arena is filling up and the players are warming up before the game begins?

Will she clap as we win a face-off against a tough opponent?

Will she cover her ears when the goal horn announces a Hurricanes' Goal (like her sister does) or will she jump up and down and whoop and holler like the rest of us do???

Will she be able to hang in there to see the 'Canes win when it goes into shoot-outs like it did last night? (YES!!! We really did beat the #1 team in the NHL last night--sorry Alex O.)

Will she sit on her Daddy's lap, like Josi did, for the first season until she gets used to all of the sights and sounds? I know Daddy will love the snuggle time like he did with Josi. :)

I'm sure she'll eventually want to sit with her brothers and sister and her cousins Jessica & Adam and Aunt Stephanie & Uncle Hugh (not pictured) who attend the games with us. Jessica even brought over her cute little Hurricane's Cheerleader outfit for Nadia that she used to wear when she was Nadia's age. Thanks Jessica!

We've talked a lot lately about whether Nadia will like going to hockey games and as you can see, Josi is giving 2 thumbs up that she'll definitely enjoy being a part of these special family outings!

So, we'll make sure she's decked out, bundled up, and ready to go for her first hockey game come October!!! And then we'll see if she likes hockey or not. GO CANES!!!


  1. Fun times!! Love how you are thinking of all you do as a family and already seeing Nadia as part of it!! Where ever did you get that adorable 'Canes skull cap???? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... Cute idea to put it on Nadia's picture--I know Matthew loved wearing it!!! :)

  2. What a cute post! Love your happy family!!

  3. Oh, how I love it......she will love hockey as she will be wrapped in the love of your family and the excitement you have for the game and she will fall in love with it too!

  4. Mmmmmm, I don't think she's gonna have much of a choice :) I LOVED all the beautiful pics. So sweet.

    Got your $$$$!!!!! Oh my goodness, friend--you guys are just too much. :) THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  5. Of course, she will. She will love anything that includes her in her new wonderful, God-given family. And you guys will love showing her off at the games. Can't wait to read about her first hockey game!

  6. Oh how fun!! She will love being wherever her family is. :) I can't wait to see her in a Hurricane cheerleader outfit.

    Sorry I've been AWOL this week. Trying to catch up from last week!

  7. I agree with Glenda, it will be hard not to enjoy all the fun with her new loving family. I am feeling the love already and missing it terribly! So glad to hear you all had a wonderful time and looking forward to hearing about Nadia's first game! If she sits the whole time, you have no idea how lucky you are for having a 2 1/2 year old :) Miss Isabella would never last.

  8. What a cute post. I am majorly impressed at how quickly you assembled your dossier.

  9. If she doesn't like it...you can drop her off with us:) We'll take her shopping til the game is over:)
    ps-love the hat photo!

  10. So happy for you guys! She is just beautiful. can you email me? octpumpkin@msn.com
    maria :) (rr)

  11. Hi Kristin,

    I'm not commenting on hockey :) but know of your heart for adoption and wanted to let you know about the book Orphans and the Fatherless.

    If you want to check it out, go to www.orphansandthefatherless.com

    (Sorry I didn't see an email!)

  12. Let's remember that she is coming from Russia, where hockey is pretty popular.

    And, as all have said, that's what the Fergusons do and she's becoming a Ferguson! Woohoo!

    So excited for you!!