Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Buddy Walk

Today was our TDSN (Triangle Down Syndrome Network) Buddy Walk.  October is Down syndrome awareness month and so the Buddy Walk is an annual event to promote awareness and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.  It was also a wonderful venue to promote Reece's Rainbow since it's the only international Down syndrome adoption ministry in the country!

We had the special privilege of having the founder and director of Reece's Rainbow, Andrea Roberts, attend our BW.  I didn't realize until I read this blog post :http://covenantbuilders.blogspot.com/2010/10/andrea-roberts.html  that Andrea has met so few of the children she has so tirelessly WORKED and ADVOCATED for to place in families!  So, one of the benefits of Andrea and her son Reece making these "guest appearances" is that they get to meet these sweet treasures.

We had Nadia dedicated in church today so Andrea got to come to our church and then to our house afterwards for a quick brunch before heading out to the BW. 
(This is a little blurry because both Nadia and Andrea seem to be moving all the time! ha ha)

2 other families who have adopted recently through Reece's Rainbow also came to help work the RR booth by handing out pamphlets and goodies that Andrea ordered for us.  How fun it was to see these 3 little ones interacting with their families knowing that 6 short months ago, all 3 were languishing in orphanages.  If it weren't for the efforts of Andrea and her team of volunteers, these little ones may never have known the love and acceptance of a family.  I shudder to think about that.

 From left to right--Andrea, Nadia, Me, Jenn Wojcik holding Milana ("Open Your Heart" blog), and Nikki Esquivel holding Ezequiel ("WANTED" blog).

Andrea asking Reece what he wants for lunch while the little girls wait to put in their order as well. :)
(Either that or she's consoling Reece over the Alabama loss last night. ouch!)

Two of my wonderful helpers!  (I don't have a picture of my husband but I could never have pulled off this busy weekend without him!)  We call my niece Jessica and my son Allen twins.  Can you see why?

Thanks also to Leslie and Kristin who also helped at our table today!

Someone is tired and wondering where her food is.  (Either that or she's consoling herself over the Penn State loss--it's ok, honey, every football program has a "rebuilding" year...this is ours!)

My sisters Nicole and Stephanie were SUCH a HUGE help to me today...lugging stuff from the cars to the table, chasing kids around, bringing sno-cones and cold water to me, etc.  My Mom (who is sporting the stylish visor) kept an eye on the little ones--all things that needed to be done so I could give my attention to the people coming to get information about RR--thanks again to my terrific family!)

Time to say good-bye to Andrea and Reece.  They still had a 5hr. drive back to Maryland. 
Please remember to keep Andrea and her family and Reece's Rainbow in your prayers.  God is using Andrea and her staff of volunteers in a POWERFUL way to stir the hearts of people to be a part of God's plan in ministering to orphans. There are many ways you can support Reece's Rainbow.  Please click on this link to see what part you may have in helping a child find his/her way into a family!


  1. You are SO good. I finally just posted something from last week :)
    It was so amazing to meet Andrea and Reece as well as Nikki and Leslie and everyone else. What a great day for the Buddy Walk and a great day for Reece's Rainbow.
    I just LOVE your Mom. Who knew she was a Yankee fan?? And you failed to mention anything about this family member you have that is going to Notre Dame!!!
    Seriously though...thanks for everything today. You did a fabulous job!!!

  2. How AWESOME is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loved all the pics :)

    Did you tell Andrea that we look forward to seeing her on Christmas??

    I really loved the picture of Nadia in the stroller with her head leaned over, comtemplating life.....we call that the "of ALL the families......." look, lol :) :)

  3. You had a beautiful day for a beautiful time celebrating!!! Even in Oh---IO, we had 80 degrees today:) Glad your Buddy Walk was a success. Keep Smiling!

  4. What a special day!! How nice to see Andrea there and how neat to see her with the little faces that she has dedicated her time to....wow!

  5. Hi! I am setting up a table this coming weekend. I have never done one before and don't know yet what materials I will have- would you mind emailing me and giving me some ideas for the table? Yours looked great!

  6. That is so awesome that you were able to have the Founder of Reece's Rainbow and Reece himself there for your walk!! COOL! Such an amazing ministry.

  7. I AM SO GLAD SHE GOT TO MEET THREE MORE PRECIOUS CHILDREN! I know this weekend meant the WORLD to her. I can't imagine doing what she does and yet never seeing these kids. One amazing woman used by God to rescue so many!

  8. May God bless the efforts of His warriors for the "least of these"!! What an eternal way to spend a day.

  9. That was really fun! Even though I wasnt feeling well towards the end. I took that pic of the sign (hehe)..... Love all the pics!

  10. I had so much fun there. It was wonderful to meet everyone and to see in person the precious children ya'll have brought home. Still praying that maybe one day ... it will be our turn!


    PS I'm so NOT a shopper - but would love to have you join me at the consignment sale! There are TONS of cute little girl clothes!

  11. What a busy day for you Kristin! So proud of you for organizing this and on the same day as Nadia's dedication ceremony! Great shots of the walk and it looks like as went well!