Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Very Special Day!

This past Sunday was a day filled with tradition, family, spiritual significance, and overwhelming joy.

My heart filled to overflowing in seeing my Josi perform with the "Extreme Worship" kids choir at our church.  Josi has always loved music but because of the bright lights and loud volume in "big" church, she's never wanted to participate before.  We've come a long way in many areas but this one was HUGE because I know her presence up on stage was a blessing to so many people.

As is typical of Josi, she's looking around making sure that we're all in our seats and ready to go.

The choir only had two practices and yet Josi knew ALL of the words and ALL of the hand motions that went along with them.  I could hardly join in as I was overcome with such emotion in seeing my big girl using one of the many gifts God has given her, for His Glory!

She is completely in her element when there is music combined with hand motions.  I think she learned all the hand motions to "The Wheels on the Bus" before she was out of her crib. :)

My sister Stephanie, who photographed Josi and the upcoming dedication service, caught me sharing a tender moment with Nadia as her big sister blessed the socks off of me up front.

I believe there is not much more "holier" in God's eyes than to see a child's hands raised in an act of pure praise and worship.  Be still my Mother's heart and know that He is indeed God.

Proud Grandparents look on:
My Dad,  Mom, and nephew Adam

Jim's Mom is also enjoying seeing her granddaughter on stage.

Then it was time to dedicate our newest child...Nadia Irina Ferguson.
We took our place on stage with 6 other families and the congregation repeated their vows to pray for us and for Nadia.
We also stated our vows to raise Nadia in a Christian home where we will teach her about her Heavenly Father and guide her according to biblical principles.
Our children's pastor prayed for each family to have the strength to fulfill their vows.

It was a very quick moment but filled with much significance for Jim and I as we take our jobs as parents very seriously.  We fall short of parenting in patience in grace many times, so I'm eternally thankful that my Heavenly Father extends His patience and grace to us so we can start again.

 Nadia was wearing a beautiful hand-smocked dress made by none other than my Mom--or Nonna as all the grandkids know her.  It was not lost on me that just 4 short months ago Nadia had one outfit hanging in her locker at the orphanage that wasn't even "picked out" for just her, let alone lovingly hand-made by a special person in her life.

When my niece saw this photo she remarked that it looks like Nadia is smiling up at heaven.  I believe God is smiling right back down at her based on that radiant look on her face. 

A tradition in our family is for the great grand-kids to wear a hand-knit gown made by my Nana D who is also smiling down on Nadia from heaven.  I miss my Nana and wish she could be here along with my Nana Paul to see this newest addition to our family.
Nana D also made the blanket Nadia's standing on as well as booties and a hat (there was no way those were staying on little Miss Grabby-hands so I didn't even try).

Transitioning to life with 4 kids, homeschooling, and having 2 with special needs has not been easy and I intend to write an honest post about that once I can gather all of my thoughts...but when I reflect on this past Sunday and ALL of the many blessings God has given me, I can't help but smile...
Who couldn't smile when given the privilege of seeing this face every morning!


  1. Josi did a wonderful job, she looks so cute up there! And Nadia, well she is just the most adorable little one! You are Blessed!

  2. Oh Kristin, how this makes me smile! I know you are so proud of your girls (and boys)...they are all wonderfully and perfectly made. The picture of Nadia looking up at Heaven...too precious for words. Love to you and your sweet family!

  3. yay for Josie! She looked so sweet up there doing her thing :)

    I love the picture of Nadia looking up (to Heaven) it's so, so beautiful. Maybe she was smiling up at Anne Marie.

  4. Oh friend, I got all teary seeing Josi up there doing her little thing. That is so huge for her. Oh my goodness. What a shining light she is--her heart for the Lord is such a beautiful thing. What a special day for your family. I LOVE that knitted dress. Absolutely stunning.

    I'm sure you shed many tears :)

  5. Oh what a precious site to watch Josi praising her Creator! What a perfect prelude to her little sister's dedication.

    I just LOVE the dresses and blanket made with love just for her. It makes me tear up just thinking about where she was just a few months ago. I agree with your niece, it looks like Nadia is smiling at heaven. And I agree with you that God is certainly smiling back.

    Much Love,

  6. Kristin, Sunday was a time to praise and give thanks. Josi's lifting up her hands and singing praise is an inspiration to see her spread her wings and use her gifts. Beautiful:)

    Nadia's dedication is a testament to the path she came from and the path she is embarking on. She is loved, she is cherished, she has a family, and she is a precious gem. What a wonderful day to celebrate.

  7. Josi looks like a pro up there on stage! You would never know that she was ever bothered by louder events. She has come a long way indeed!!! Love the 2 handmade dresses for Nadia! Totally beautiful! And she looks angelic in them:)I know how special this day must have been!

  8. Sounds like an awesome time in the Lord. Great pictures! Beautiful!

  9. What a wonderful weekend! Feeling fortunate to have been able to be a part of the memories! Missing you all!!

  10. I'm so proud of Josi! She's such a witness to many! I'm also proud and thankful for her Mom and Dad. You all are also a witness to many!
    I remember our conversations in the AC supply closet when I returned with Abbey. God was knitting Nadia in your heart way back then, before she was even born. How fitting that we take his wonderful gifts and give them back to Him!

  11. Oh my word...that is so precious to see Josie singing with the other children on stage. She is so totally into it, just praising God. Love the beautiful shots of Nadia in the heirloom pieces from your family. Your comments about her outfit in the orphanage, remind me of how God takes off our rags and clothes us with His robes of righteousness. White and clean...children of the King.

  12. Josi looks so sweet up there(in person too:)! The dresses on Nadia were so cute (good job nonna and nana d)! After all the many attempts to get her to smile for the camera (tickling, singing, clapping, etc.), we managed to get some good pics! That one is priceless of her looking up to heaven! Love it!

  13. Dear sweet Josi, I am so very proud of you. Although it was a VERY special day for your little sister, I am so proud of you for being on stage and worshipping the Lord! What a landmark on a very big day for the Ferguson family. It is those little (not really little here) "victories" that the Lord gives us to encourage us to keep up the "good work" on training up a child in the way he/she should go"-good job Kristin and Jim for this milestone!