Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Answer is Yes!

First of all let me say that your comments about Nadia's Funny Photo were witty, creative, and totally cracked me up!  I especially liked the "Off with her head!" and the "Ukrainian Soup" comment but they all made me laugh out loud!  I needed that.

I wrote a post back in March entitled "Will She Like Hockey?"  You can read it here--http://seeingtheupsideofdown.blogspot.com/2010/03/will-she-like-hockey.html

Our family has a mini-pack of season tickets for the Carolina Hurricanes and it's something we ALL enjoy and look forward to.  So, we were really hoping that the newest Ferguson would also get excited about all things hockey. 

Last Friday was our test run as the Hurricanes had an afternoon exhibition game before heading off to Russia and Finland for more pre-season games and the official beginning of their season.

I totally forgot about the cute Hurricanes' cheerleader outfit my sister gave me and so I put Michael's outgrown jersey on her.  Is she cute or what???

Ready for some hockey...actually at this point we were all ready for lunch! Who can't get excited over hot dogs, nachos, and barbecue???

So far so good.  Nadia is digging this cool folding seat. 

She's kind of gotten herself folded in half, tucked in, and ready for a nap at this point. 

But then the the players take the ice and the excitement mounts.  Music starts playing and the cheering begins.  

Nadia was taken a bit by surprise when the initial "stadium shout" went up at the beginning of the game.  The tears came and we looked at each other with that "Oh, great...now what?" look. 

"Make it all go away Daddy!"
(Just for the record...  Josi reacted the same exact way at her first game and it took her an entire season to really acclimate to the noise.  We made the mistake of Josi's first game being a Stanley Cup Playoff game against one of our arch-enemies--the Buffalo Sabres--man was it L-O-U-D the entire game!!!)

Daddy ended up taking her out to the concourse for a little bit and by the time she got back she was happy and ready to hang out with Mom and cheer for the 'Canes.

Nadia loves playing with Josi and so she spent quite a bit of time on her lap during the game.  (Nadia has started pulling hair so Josi's not too excited about holding her little sister these days.)

The boys are glad that the Hurricanes are winning at this point.  The Thrashers ended up tying things up in the last few minutes but we scored in overtime to win the game!

Our four Caniacs!

"Mommy, if we're going to keep doing this could you please get me an outfit that fits properly?"
The only people missing from this first 'Canes outing were my sister and her kids--the true Caniacs who started it all! 

So, does Miss Nadia like hockey?  I would say the answer is definitely yes!


  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!!!!! Gosh, but she is changing so fast, my friend. LOVE the pic with daddy--even if there are tears, it is just precious.

  2. Oh that little Nadia is too precious, and I think the over sized jersey is adorable on her!

  3. So there you have it...a Ferguson she was always meant to be:)

  4. Yes- I would LOVE to get together!!!! Count Martha in also:) I admit, I've lost track of where Jenny is in process- life has kinda taken me by surprise- but not God:) I would love to chat- I pray for you and think of you often- those pillowcases from your lakehouse remind me:)

  5. How could she not love hockey? I have to admit I find the fights to be the best part - sorry! Love the outfit. Can't wait to see her in her outfit that fits :) A Canes cheerleading outfit might be the ONLY cheerleading outfit our girls can match in!

  6. While the "flying nun" picture was priceless, I do love the new header of the mischievous looking Nadia. Truly, whatever she has one is adorable! Noticed the new background and I like...I'm still working on adding a picture to the header on our blog. Love the pictures and hope you are enjoying your fall days:)

  7. Love the new blog look! Love logging in and seeing Nadia's adorable little face. :) Glad she likes hockey! Seems a little wrong for hockey to be played when it's 90 degrees outside.

  8. Fall is here! Love your new bloggy background!

    Yes, Nadia seems to love every little thing about her life as a Ferguson--even hockey. My favorite pics are the ones of Nadia and Josie together. Such sweet sisters.

    Hope all is well!


  9. sports, sports, sports. I never have anything good or witty to say about the sports post.

    But she sure does look cute with her new haircut :)

  10. I remember that post. It seems like such a short time ago! But, now Miss Nadia is a fellow Caniac. I know you enjoyed having her there, and not just her picture.

  11. That was a great blog update! LOVED all the pics of everyone in their Caniac gear-too cute. So glad that she enjoys this family tradition!