Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Friday, October 8, 2010

Who Said...

...that if you don't brush your teeth for 2 1/2yrs. that you'll get a mouthful of cavities? 

As far as we know, Nadia never had her teeth brushed while in the orphanage and when we first met her I noticed quite a few dark spots on a few of her teeth.  I was quite sure that they were cavities but with all of our other appointments and therapies, the dentist appointment didn't happen until just the other day.

"You woke me up early and got me all dressed up for the dentist???"

I purposely planned the girls' dental appointments for the same time because going to the dentist has always been a challenge for Josi.  I'm talking the 'hold-her-down, biting, spitting" kind of challenge.  I always make sure to plan in a nap for Mom on dentist visit days. 

She had finally gotten into a pretty good groove over the last year to the point where she didn't shout "No!" when they called her name in the waiting room.   But then they decided to put sealants on her teeth.  The first appointment went just fine because Josi didn't know what to expect.  However, they decided to seal her teeth over 2 visits and so of course, when we went in the 2nd time we were back to square one and Momma REALLY needed a nap after that appointment.

However, with much prayer and a maturing Josi, her most recent dental visit was ok. I figured it wouldn't hurt, though, to play the "you're the big sister so you have to set a good example and show Nadia how 'easy' it is to go to the dentist" card. 

Here they are ready to walk out the door. 

I'm happy to say that it looks like I'll have one daughter who won't have to be strapped to a papoose board (I switched dentists after that trick), nor will the dentist have to wear complete protective hand and face gear to keep from being bit or spat upon...hopefully!

She did great!

And of course she was a total hit with her hygienist as well as all of the other gals who got to hold her. 

Meanwhile, in the other room, Josi is being the perfect role model to her little sister...cool shades and all!

And, if you haven't guessed from my opening line, it turns out that those spots on Nadia's teeth are some type of stain and NOT cavities!  Makes me wonder why we make such a fuss over brushing and flossing!


  1. I always need a nap after my six month checkup to the dentist!!!:( Love the pink snowbunny look on Nadia and ...Josi, you rocked the house getting your teeth cleaned with those cool, diva shades...Go Josi, Go Josi!!!!:)

  2. Wow...that's great news that she doesn't have cavities! Our kids from China have horrible teeth, except for Zoey.

  3. Yay!!

    I was trying to schedule Stas' other surgeries along with the dentist b/c I was convinced I was looking at gobs of cavities. Looked alarming. Same thing here. Once we started brushing (which he love--unlike Ricky)it seemed less and a cleaning and POOF....it was gone.

    Gotta love that. He has the nicest/cleanest/whitest teeth in the house.....though a bit pointy.

  4. Oh, I'm so glad everything went well at the dentist (but hope you still got that nap). My oldest daughter was like Josi. She would grab the door frame on the way into the office and hold on for dear life screaming at the top of her lungs. Good times!

    Daniel had gone 8 years without any dental care. His teeth were awful and a couple looked like they were rotting. Well, no cavities but he has some nerve damage that has caused a couple teeth to discolor. (Fortunately they are baby teeth.) And we will be paying for some orthodonist's new boat in a couple years. His teeth are so crooked it looks like they are dancing with each other.

    Nadia looked so cute in her pink vest and Josi looked like a movie star in her shades. So glad there were no tears or cavities!

    Much Love,

  5. No such luck here either. Kate came with 3 cavities right in front from lack of dental care. Thought we might lose her sweet baby grin but God answered her mama's prayers and her smile is sweeter than ever! Glad for your good report and for Josi's courage!

  6. LOL! Way to go, Nadia! The Skink had a feeding tube (G-Tube) for her first 2 years, and a result, developed a hyperactive gag reflex. I swear I could set off her gag reflex just by pointing at her mouth. Needless to say, she didn't get her teeth brushed either. Now she's fine with it, and we were blessed to learn she has no cavities (knock on wood!).

  7. I was very happy to read this. Trying to brush our toddler's teeth is a joke and I always worry! I wonder if our Anna will have cavities after 5 1/2 years of no brushing. Hmmmm....

  8. she is just darling in that outfit! Love it :)

    I wish I could say the same about Toma's teeth!

  9. Nadia out fit is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! She could be a baby fashion model :) I love the pic with the dentist working on Nadias teeth,because Nadia's hands are crossed! I'm glad Josi did great too!

  10. WOW! You are wonder woman, so proud of you for taking BOTH girls at same time. That was GREAT thinking on having Josi involved as "big sister" and showing her the way! Isn't God so good????