Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Udderly Adorable!

Growing up, my Mom always made our Halloween Costumes so when the grandchildren came along, she got her patterns and sewing kit out and went to town.  For Nadia's size, I had handmade costume choices between her being a duck, a clown, or a cow...

I chose the cow! 
 I believe all 3 of my children and the other cousins have all worn this costume!

Could she be any cuter???

Even the view from the back is as cute-as-can-be!

Along with the farm animal we also had a rock star...

...and a purple princess.  Josi was supposed to wear this costume last year but she got sick and had to stay inside with me to hand out candy. 

Is she looking more like a teenage princess or what???

Allen didn't dress up this year, but his dog did so he still got some goodies in his "doggie bag".

Allen thought he might try having the dog lead the boy with the bag over his head. That only lasted until A.J. took off after a squirrel (he may be dressed as a hot dog but he's a hunter at heart!)

Costumes or no costumes, I'm thankful I get to be Mommy to all (5) of them. Yes, A.J. is part of the family and is still the one having the hardest time adjusting to Nadia intruding joining our family.

About this time Nadia is thinking that being a princess is a much better deal than having to be a cow. 

Josi reminds her that she has to bide her time until she's bigger and can give input into the costume decisions.  Until then...it's all up to Mommy (and whatever Nonna has put together).

"OK, I'll wait to be a princess but this cow hood thingie has got to go!"



  1. Oh, I LOVE Nadia in that costume! She and Taylor would have made such a great pair. Alas...we live too far away.

  2. So cute!!!!

    I'm ashamed to say I didn't take one single picture tonight :(

    My schwing and schwang have just been OFF lately.....I gotta get it together!

    ps...LOVE the hot dog :)

  3. You were dying to get that mad cow thing in, weren't you?!?! Love the cow!!!!

  4. All I want to say is this...if the cow suit can be tolerated, I don't want to hear beans about the adorable sweater with the fur-trimmed hat!!! Maybe if I give her candy when she wears it???
    Love the rock star! He and Logan would have made a good pair! Muffin was a horse...not too excited about the bridle though.

  5. How sweet of your mom to make costumes!

    I just hope Nadia doesn't get a complex from being forced to wear the cow outfit ;).

    She does look so cute in it!

  6. Oh no, Nadia could NOT be any cuter! You princess is beautiful, and your rock star is awesome! And what a great idea for your oldest baby - let the dog do the work! Looks like you all had a great time. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  7. Looks like a really fun time! Love the pictures of Nadia and Josi on the white bench (when did you get that???) :)

  8. Everybody looks so cute! Even the crying cow :o) Great costumes!

  9. Seriously, you have the BEST weather!!! It was another cold evening in OHIO. Nadia's cow costume was FAB, Josi's princess was perfect, the rock star and HOT DOG all got in the act. Looks like you all had a wonderful, fun time!!

  10. Love the costumes and the mooing mad cow at the end was the icing on the cake. Just cute as a bug...

  11. Oh, man, that last comment made me laugh out loud! She just wasn't in the mooood for it(sorry, couldn't resist). Josie is looking so grown up, and tell her she makes a beautiful princess!

  12. Love the pics, the costumes are awesome and the mad cow comment made me LOL!!

  13. Okay, your kiddos are all too cute in their costumes, right down to the dog. Love the interaction between the little cow and the princess. And Michael as the rock star is hilarious! So precious that your mom makes these amazing costumes. What sweet memories you're making each year.

    Much Love,

  14. Awww! the cow costume is so cute! (Im telling u i did wear a cow costume in 5th grade I just dont know where it us but I will prove it to u!! ) Oooo I just want to squeeze her! I need Allen here to calm me down (since he's my calmer-downer) :) Josi, Michael, and AJ look awesome too!! Aww I love when she cries! (I know I sound cruel but she's just to darn cute!)

  15. no crafty grandmas here, no fair!! Love the cow, she's cute as can be...especially in the mad cow shots ;)

  16. LOVE the poka dots!!! And your entire FALL theme colors!! Love it!!!!!!!!! only a few wks until you are in PA!!! Can NOT wait!! :)