Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can it Get any Hotter?

If you haven't read Allen and Michael's latest blog entry then you probably don't know that Zaporozhye is experiencing their hottest weekend (for this time of year) since 1930...I kid you not!   We've managed, up to this point, to keep Nadia happy in spite of the heat, mainly because we usually have access to the music room which allows her the freedom to run around away from the heat (relatively speaking).

Today we didn't have that option so we started out our morning with a nice stroll around the orphanage grounds.  Michael likes to push Nadia so we happily let him while Jim and I start feeling the back-pack sweat stains forming on our backs.

She started getting tired of being in the stroller so we stopped under a shaded pavilion and tried to play a few of our "standard" games with her.  She loves finger play like "the wheels on the bus", the "itsy bitsy spider" and those types of songs.  So far so good.

Of course we always have to stop for some hug time--another of Nadia's favorite things to do. Even though we're literally sticking together by the end of our visits, we all enjoy these precious hugs.

A little silly time with Mom!  We're still hanging in there at this point.

Our time together wouldn't be complete without reading Nadia's favorite book. We're about 45min. into our visit now and still have at least that much time to go.  Not sure what the thermometer said at this point but my sweat stains say it was about 90 in the shade!!!

The tide starts to turn at this point so I pulled out the wet wipes and rub them over her arms and legs--she loves this and it works for about 5 min.

Time for a change of scenery and some walking time.  Her red shoes are a little too big so this can be a little tricky with trying to keep them on.  I'm bringing some shoes I brought tonight to see if they'll work a little better.

Hurray!  She's smiling again!!!

All done!

Daddy takes over and works his magic for awhile.

There are so many gorgeous flowers on the grounds of the orphanage.
Since we still had about 15 min. left and Nadia was very fussy at this point, we decided to strip her down and go for another stroll.  None of the kids are wearing clothes outside here at the orphanage, so we figured it was ok for her to be in just her underwear like all the rest!

She was only in the stroller for about 1 min. before her little head started to bob.




We let her have a 5 min. catnap before waking her up to take her back to her room for lunch.  We're hoping this heat breaks soon or that perhaps the music room will be available tonight!

After our visit with Nadia tonight, we'll be going to a Ukrainian Family's house for a barbecue.  Vova, who was pictured in a previous post with our missionary friend, Ken Sears, has invited us over to meet his wife and 2 children (ages 5 and 3) for dinner.  We're very excited to experience life in a Ukrainian Family's home.  I was actually surprised when Ken told us they live in a house with a backyard because all we've seen in Zaporozhye are tall apartment buildings.  However, Ken said there are quite a few little "pockets" of homes throughout the city.  I only wish we could take Nadia along with us!


  1. Hope that heat breaks soon! Nadia will LOVE discovering A/C and perhaps swimming back in the U.S.

  2. Love the sleeping pictures. Shelley

  3. None of that looks familiar at all- you must be at one of other buildings...we were in the first one. But even the playground doesn't look familiar....they must have more than what we saw.

    She is so adorable. I just can't get over it. But boy, the heat....that wouldn't be fun at all.

    Say, does Igor have a ponytail? And a red car?

  4. Enjoy the bar-b-que! Sounds like a fun time---it would be perfect if you could take Nadia! Great pictures, you can't tell that you are all minding the heat.

  5. Awww Nadia is such a cutiepie!! I love your outfits!!! I'm sorry about the heat :( have fun at dinner!

  6. If it makes you feel any better, it's 90+ degrees here too. Double Ugh!!! So , whether here or there, everyone would still be melting. Sigh! Love the photos today. She really looks happy and delightful in every photo.
    Enjoy the bar-b-que dinner Ukrainian style!

  7. Lisa is right, it is super hot here as well. i can't imagine being without the A/C, those poor little ones. I would be running around naked too, and everyone else would be running away of course. LOL. I love the sleepy head pictures. Too cute.
    Enjoy the bbq!

  8. You all look like you are handling the heat really well. Nadia's sleeping picture is so cute!!! She is adorable!!! I know she is going to love gong to the pool with you and the ac. It is really really hot and humid here too. We didnt even go to the lake yesterday because of the heat for the little ones. So excited for you to come back! Have you heard anything abouit your court date and what are the plans coming up?

  9. I love the picture of her with your husband - she's so cute that she's pinching her own cheek!

  10. Nadia is so adorable. I just can't wait for you guys to get home with her. I love the pics :)

  11. she's adorable falling asleep at the end of the visit. You may have mentioned this on another post somewhere, but how long do you have to stay there before you can bring her home for good?

  12. So sorry you are having to deal with the heat. ugh. The pics of Nadia are soooooo precious! Love the ones of her falling asleep. :)

  13. Love all of the photos. Nadia is such a little sweetie pie!

  14. This post could have also been titled "Could she get any cuter?" Oh my, I love the one of you two laughing together and the ones of her falling asleep.

    I mentioned in my last comment that I've not had internet access for two days. So glad that I won't miss anymore updates!

    I hope it cools off for you!

    Much Love,

  15. Oh my friend, those pictures are absolutely priceless. I have been out of the loop for the last two days. Man alive--it is ALL happening here. Yesterday we went out for the WHOLE day just to get out and away from the craziness. I needed it.

    Aaahhhhh, I am so longing to see you soon and hold your precious treasure. Goodness, but she is soooooo adorable :) Sorry it's so hot there--we're having it here too (not that I'm complaining).

    I love you heaps and heaps. Any court date yet?????


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