Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Under Attack!

I haven't been able to blog for awhile because I've been defending the homestead against these pesky rabble-rousers.  I wish they'd move along so I could get packed.  Heck, I've only got 36hrs. before we have to be at the airport!!!

Gotta go re-load!

(Can you tell someone's getting a little punchy down here in Dixie???)


  1. Very cute blog redo!! I think you should go to bed:)

  2. Love it!! :) Now Kristin, GO PACK! hehe

  3. I thought you were talking about that pesky strep!! What was the verdict?

    No middle name ideas??

    We are thinking Stanislav Josephat. Okay, I am thinking that. No one else likes Josephat. Maybe just Joseph.

    Praying for your health and peace...I'm getting a little nervous as the days get closer...too much to do...sigh!

    Oh, and I love your new look on the blog!!

  4. What are 'pesky rabble rousers' ?? Your visitors from the North? :) Love the new look!! Very You! :)

  5. Try not to stress. If it doesn't get done, it doesn't get done and everything will be ok. It is hectic, but it will be ok. Seriously, I'm praying for all of you. May you see the hand of God as He has gone before you every step of the way.
    (I really like the blog's new look!) Can't wait to see Nadia with the rest of the family!
    Love and prayers,

  6. lol, cute post. I bet you have ants in your pants to get movin'! :-D Travel safely!!!