Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Day We've All Been Waiting For!!!

After a somehwat sleepless night on the erroneously named "Sleeper Train", we hit the floor running when Marina and her driver picked us up and took us to one of many government offices to do the paperwork side of our adoption here in Zaporozhye.  In between those stops, we were able to go to the orphanage to FINALLY meet our little girl.  Here is how it went:

Nadia was brought out by her Favorite caretaker and was a little out of sorts at first.  They said she does not like it when it's hot so she had already been having a rough morning.  (She's gonna love Air Conditioning!!!)

Once she got her a little calmer and I guess told her that her Mama and Papa were here to see her, she handed her over to me.

She immediately hugged me and held on for dear life.  What an answer to the prayers of this Mom to have my newest daughter cling to me like she had been waiting for me for 2 1/2yrs. :)

Then, of course, she had to check out who was actually holding her.  "It's me, sweet girl.  Your Mama!"

Saying a silent prayer of thanks as I held back tears for this amazing gift.

I think she's reaching a positive verdict at this point.

Then it was time to pass her on to Daddy.  OK, these two connected the moment Nadia was placed in Jim's arms!  God not only answers prayers, He abundantly exceeds them! AMEN!

Don't you love how this girl hugs first and scrutinizes second?  We could all learn a lesson about love from her.

I think she's deciding this parent is a keeper too! :)

Ready for a big kiss from Daddy!  Little does she know how many people are wanting to get their hands on her and give her TONS of kisses for the rest of her life!!!

We only had a few moments with Nadia but then we went back for her to take her to get her passport picture taken.  They put her in an adorable pink sundress for her photo op but unfortunately, the settings on my camera when cahooey so they all turned out blurry.  Plus, when operating on Marina's time-frame, everything seems blurry--we moved at warp speed today.  I'm hoping when we go back in just an hour from now she'll still have that dress on so I can take more photos.  I'll also put up photos of the boys with their new sister. Like I said.  There wasn't much time to take the plethera of photos I was wanting to take!

I'll post more details later but for now I'll tell you that I am already filled with love overflowing for this child.  She is a total snuggle-bug and although she can walk, she does not want to be put down. (Sounds like a Harper-right Adeye?).  She is also toilet-trained on a 1hr. schedule (she was on the "pot" when we got there-blush), tries to eat by herself but still needs assistance, weighs about 26lbs. and has the most beautiful blue eyes and brown hair I've ever seen!!!

Gotta get ready to leave soon so that's all for now.  I can't imagine our first meeting with Nadia being any better!


  1. Sniff, sniff, such a happy moment! So happy to see the mama and dada embrace their beautiful gift! And and even more happy to see her embrace you back!!!!! Praise God! I am definately going to need to get her some bows with all that hair :) Yay!

  2. Oh my word, look at how she has grown!!! She's perfect, Kristin. She looks great...and walking...and using the potty...and giving hugs...can you even believe it?

    I can barely breathe, I am so overwhelmed with thoughts of gratitude and happiness for you all and love for Nadia. She is amazing. To think that she has been over there waiting for you for 2 1/2 years just hits me to the core. Thank heavens you found her!!

    Seeing you meeting Nadia for the first time makes me realize what it must have felt like for others when they saw us meeting and loving Alina. It is inspiring and impossible to forget.

    Love to you all!!xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Oh, I am in tears as I try to post this! Speechless and so HAPPY!!!!!!I just dont have the words. Thank you Father. Those are some of the BEST pictures i have EVER seen!!!!!!!!

  4. so so happy for you all!!!
    Just amazing!!
    She is beautiful!

  5. Kristin and Jim,
    There just are no words. I would be fulling sobbing if I didn't have to leave the house in 4 minutes! Nadia is beautiful!!! She looks great!!! Walking and on her way to potty training??? Now who am I going to pass these diapers on to???
    Adoption...one of God's greatest blessings this side of Heaven!
    Love you all!
    Lisa and Randy and Kiddos

  6. What a wonderful way to start my day seeing you all. Don't know how you held back the tears, I was crying tears of happiness at the computer, my contacts are ruined for today. : ) It reminds me of how as Christians we share each others burdens and wonderful joys as if they are our own. Love to you all, Shelley

  7. She is so beautiful! I'm so happy for you guys. She looks so much bigger than the last picture I saw of her.

  8. She is so precious!! I am so happy that it was love at first sight for all of you! She is such a cutie-pie

  9. What a story these pictures tell!! So happy for you all! Nadia is absolutely BEATUIFUL:)

  10. Yayyeeeeee.....sooooooo amazing my friend. Oh my goodness, she is just an absolute angel from heaven, destined to be in your family before the foundation of the earth. Isn't that just so incredible? The pics are priceless. Yep it sure does look like you have a cuddle bug too :) I am totally rejoicing with you. Tears of happiness and a heat of thankful to our Father who works out ALL things.

    Hey, I do need to know how in the world you manage to look so fabulous after the train ride from heck?????? You're amazing :)

    Post more pics SOOONNNNNNNNN. I'll be checking in a million times during the day.

  11. Oh my goodness! She's beautiful!!!!!

    I couldn't be happier for you all, I have been waiting for this day ;)

    Love how cuddly she is, and how she loves her daddy already :)

    This is what it's all about....it's a beautiful thing.

    And yes, you do look entirely too pretty for just getting off a train. How do you DO it?

    I can't wait to hear more....my heart is full of happiness for you!

    Explore Zap when you get time, there is a ferry that can takes people out to Hortiza Island that looked really cool. Your boys would love it. Alexander can take you there.

    Enjoy that little sweetie, she's a keeper!

  12. What a wonderful set of family pictures - hugs first and then checking you out and seeing her mom's and dad's eyes for the first time. She is so cute that you just want to squeeze her. We look forward to seeing the boys with the sister for the first time. She is a very blessed little girl to have you and Jim as her parents and her brothers and sister Josi are going to take such good care of her. I loved the part where she would not let go of Jim - she is one lucky girl to have her daddy protect her and then in the picture with Kristin - words cannot describe how happy you look in your pictures. Taylor is ready to babysit - she will be a good one for lots of lap time with Nadia. How many days will it be till we get to hug and hold on forever (remember she is shared daughter with your small group - we will help you and the whole family with whatever you need us to do). Right now you are being showered with love from Raleigh!!! Love you guys and we are so happy for the entire Ferguson clan (especially for Nadia Ferguson!)
    Jeff, Jan, Taylor and Ryan

  13. It was nice getting to talk with you standing, waiting, at the SDA. I know what you mean when you say everything is hurry, hurry the first few days. Our first meeting with Dennis went great but we forgot our camera!!!! Nadia is absolutly gorgeous! I'm so happy everything is going well for you guys!

  14. I'm soaking wet!!!!! I'm dripping. Ricky is wiping all my tears up. I could not be more happy for you and absolutely touched. It is just too much.

    Nadia is so beautiful! She is so big...and perfect. Dying to see you all in person. Take care.


  15. What beautiful pictures!! I am so happy for you and your family...Nadia is one lucky girl to have found her forever family!

  16. Kristin - congratulations! I'm so happy for you & your family - including Nadia! What a beautiful girl!

  17. Tears of JOY !! Love how your little Bunny gently touches your chins to check you out!!! So happy for your family--when Josi saw Nadia she said she is going to teach her how to smile!! Both Nonna and I said,'You will teach her many things, Sweetie!'

  18. oh my gosh!!!!!!!I am so in love :) She is just beautiful and you ar so very blessed !!!

  19. So happy for you guys! What an angel she is!!! And the hugs...what an amazing gift!

  20. Oh Kristin, I'm just sobbing!!! What a perfect first meeting with your new daughter. I just love how she hugs first, figures out who you are second. Just precious!

    Thanks for sharing this amazing moment with us!

    Much Love,

    P.S. I agree with Adeye. You look way too good to have just gotten off a 10 hour train ride. I know Nadia must think her mama is the most beautiful mommy on earth.

  21. I cried tears of joy while reading this. Praise the Lord!!!

  22. Oh Kristin, she's so beautiful! I can barely type through the tears, the pictures are so touching, I can't wait to meet her! Have a safe trip home!

  23. Kristin, your pictures and comments are life like! Thank you for sharing your story and your heart:) Love and prayers for safe travels and a wonderful start to a brand new chapter in your family's life! I'm crying tears of joy for such a beautiful MIRACLE!

  24. Wow! How beautiful! I can't stop the tears, this is so wonderful! Your family is an inspiriation. God sure knows what He's doing. Can't wait to meet her! Congratulations!

  25. What a special day this is for you and your family! Answer to soooooo many prayers. Finally, she is with her long awaited family, and I know how this made the Lord smile! Can't you just she Him smile too!