Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


“Send me Lord” she answered as she gazed into the eyes of the one whose way she would prepare, “she is so precious and beautiful. I can show him what he cannot now see.”

“He fears what he does not understand.”

“You promise that you will not ask of anyone more than you will equip them to give” she replied as her eagerness continued to grow.

“The world will not always look at you with love and acceptance because in their eyes you will be different.”

“Nor did they you Lord.”

“Yes my angel, you speak of the truth.”

“Then may I go Lord? May I be the one to prepare his heart?”

“Oh precious one, I would want no other. You will look into the faces of many in need and love them all. But, you will choose only the one I have shown you. You will point to her and call her by name ’Nadia’. Now go and show him how much I love him.”

“Thank you Lord”

(written by Josi and Nadia's earthly father)


  1. Totally get it---wish I would have grabbed some tissues first :)

  2. This is beautiful! I'm catching up on your blogs and I'm so thankful that you're with Nadia daily. We miss you and we're praying for the heat to subside and that you'll be heading home soon. Love, Rebecca

  3. Kristin- I've always enjoyed reading your posts, but my word, have you been taken some writing classes over there?!? :) I LOVE this post (obviously from a personal perspective as well). I have been planning a rather large post about Emma in my head for a while now. Thank you for allowing all of us the opportunity to watch your new family form live! It has truly convicted my heart. Nadia is so beautiful and I know you can't wait to bring her home. :)

  4. It is obvious that Jim has been profoundly touched by this experience. His willingness to die to self so that another might live is the Gospel lived out loud!!! I know God will continue to reveal just how the adoption of Nadia parallels what His Son has done for every Believer. Nadia has been adopted and given the right to be called a Daughter of Jim and Kristin Ferguson. We, Believers, have been adopted and have been given the right to be called the Sons and Daughters of God Almighty. Adoption of orphaned children around the world is the perfect portrayal of our Father in Heaven reaching out His hand to this giant orphanage known as planet Earth and to the masses of the fatherless(due to separation from our true Father by sin) and saying...you are loved and treasured and I want you as my own child forever and always.
    So happy for your journey and for your witness to anyone you cross paths with. You all may be the only Jesus a lot of the orphanage workers ever see.
    Hope it cools down soon. Cannot wait to see you leave the orphanage with Nadia for the last time!

  5. truly touching and beautiful....it gets to the core of what it's all about.

  6. Amazing!!!!!! Wow, I get all teary reading about your incredible journey to your precious sweet one. I love your hearts, and your amazing obedience. How I wish more people would GET IT!!!! Yes, it's true, Nadia's life will be changed and blessed...but the greatest blessing of all is going to be for YOU! Adoption is so life changing, so incredible...straight from the heart of the Almighty Father.

    We are so rejoicing with you and your precious family. What an honor it is to watch your story unfold.

    He is so good.

  7. Okay, I need some time to digest this.

    Nobody is pushing you our of Zap are they? You should wait for us. We have your phone and we will call you when we get there and see where you are. I am dying to see you and that sweet Nadia...it just has to work out. We met a whole bunch of other families tonight at TGIFridays. Check out my blog in a bit when I get it up!


  8. absolutely touching. I needed tissues for that! There should a be a tissue disclosure on your blog!

  9. Kristin-we will be at the Catholic Cathedral about maybe 5 miles away.

  10. That is just beautiful. I love your hubbys heart :)

  11. It has been such a privilege and a blessing to watch how God has worked in each of your lives through the years to get you to this point in the journey. Our hearts are truly in His hands and He has awesome plans for what He will do when we yield, submit, accept, and embrace what He has for us.

  12. Hi Jim,

    What a way to give God all the glory! Wow, the events that had to transpire for you to write such a heartfelt letter from Ukraine really highlights that mysterious balance between your free will and God’s sovereignty. It is amazing that the God who spoke all creation into being can be there with all of His omnipotence to lead a family to the other side of the world to pick up the girl that He has chosen for them before the beginning of time…

    Take care- my brother,


  13. Thank God for men like your husband who "get it!"

  14. This is an amazing post. Our Father has lead you to an incredible mission to be His hands and feet and your obedience is inspiring. This is what it's all about, living out your faith so God almighty can be glorified.
    I'm so moved by your journey.

  15. This is perhaps the most beautiful thing I've ever read! To be able to see that the gift God gave you February 11, 1998 would lead you to the gift that you would find June 2010--what a blessing. It beautifully mirrors Kristin's thoughts shared in the post about Nadia's name.

    As the wife of a dear husband whose heart is also broken for orphans, I didn't realize how much I loved him till he accepted God's call to adopt. I can only imagine how your family has been unified by such a special calling.

    Jim, your love as a father is a beautiful reflection of our Heavenly Father.

    God Bless,

  16. I have loved reading over several posts here. Your daughter is just adorable. I'm sorry it is SO hot there right now.

  17. This is so beautiful, Jim and Josi. Your family is very special. Isn't it amazing to know that you were all meant to be together, all along? When we follow the path that has been planned for us, the rewards are rich.

    We are so happy for all of you!

    I can't wait to meet you all in person!

  18. I Corinthians 2:9 However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him" [ Isaiah 64:4] It is awesome to realize that God is just as excited about what this new father - daughter relationship is going to mean for you Jim as much as what it is going to mean for Nadia. You're a great dad.

    Your brother in Christ, John

  19. Oh my, my, my! Can hardly type because of crying so hard. What a blessing that is! That should be framed somewhere in your home. What a treasure it is to see Jim's heart! My hero!!!!! Gotta go and cry now!