Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine and a Barbecue

I've mentioned how much Nadia enjoys the music room.  Here are some shots from yesterday afternoon.  Thankfully, the room was available because it hit 100 degrees here yesterday!!!  We always take a blanket in with us because it is looked down on to have the children down on the actual floor.  We stay on the lookout for workers passing through the room because we just can't keep this girl in one place. :)

Thinking about her next move.

Another use for the blanket which Nadia loves--especially when the cooler air reaches her face!

This is her reaction when the wind hits her face. Ahhh...pure joy!  Pretty cheap toy huh?

She'll just plop down and lay down on her back (sometimes bonking her head in the process).

Running around and throwing the ball is still her favorite music room activity!  This little shirt was one they  already had on her.   Most times they bring her out to me in just her underwear and then I put on the outfit I brought for her to wear.  Unfortunately, one of her outfits has gone missing (from the first day).  Since then I've learned to hand her back in just underwear as well. :)

After our visit to Nadia we went to Vova and Marina's house for a barbecue.  They have 2 children and as I mentioned before, Vova is the Dean of Students at the Bible College.  He and Marina are believers so it was so refreshing to be with other Christians and enjoy a more "typical" night--a nice home away from home experience.

Vova's grill--a Singer sewing machine base and a home fabricated grill.  He and his son loaded up the grill with dried fruit branches which soon became the fuel to cook our delicious pork kabobs. Yummy!

Can I just tell you how excited our boys were to be in an actual backyard, with grass, where they could play and not be cooped up in a hotel room.

Both boys have really been missing kicking their soccer balls around so this night was just what we all needed in so many ways.

Even though Allen is watching the Futbol Channel around the clock, he still can't get enough! Look how excited he was when he realized they had a soccer ball!!!

We had some really neat conversations as the night closed in as well as some yummy ice cream and chocolates for dessert.  Vova and Marina were very interested in our adoption story.  It will be interesting to see how God uses the seeds planted tonight in their future. :)


  1. I bet it was nice to be with some Christians. Love the grill!!!Makes me laugh when I think how big and fancy Americans think their grills have to be! Just goes to show that where there is a will, there is a way! Nadia is as cute as ever! When do you get to take her out of the orphanage for good?
    Sweltering in NC,

  2. Hey, we are sweating up in Kiev!!! I see tomorrow is hot, hot too and then it cools down when we come down on thursday! Hopefully for a while anyway.....

    Where are you in the process??? Will we cross paths?

  3. What a great grill! Nadia is just as precious as ever!! Hope the heat breaks soon.

  4. Josi loved the post and she said "THAT's ME!" When she saw her picture on the sidebar! She kept saying how happy Nadia looks! Also, she was thrilled to SEE and talk to you all as we skyped!

  5. thank you thank you !!!! I was feeling really stressed today, and your taya and anne marie news truly brightened my day. oh how i miss her. Just run and grab her up k? lol..jk. maybe after court they will let you have a bit more freedom :) i can not get over how healthy and beautiful nadia is :)

  6. Oh, yum! I hope they made them like the traditional "sha-shleek" kabobs, which are AWESOME! Loving the pictures and glad you're around other Believers for fellowship!

  7. I just love the pictures of little Miss Nadia. She looks so happy and healthy. Glad the boys got some time to run around and play. Looks like everyone is having a great time. Hope you will have court soon and be able to get home with Nadia. Can't wait to see you guys again!! And can't wait to meet Nadia :)

  8. She is so adorable!! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful pictures.

  9. a missing outfit, huh? I bet a another baby thought what a cute outfit, I need that for myself. ;-) I love wondering what babies think. Looks like the BBQ was so fun. I love their grill!

  10. How refreshing to be around other believers. YOu all continue to look so good in the pictures. We are praying for your speedy return.

  11. So glad for your oasis in the desert! Looks like a wonderful evening. Scrumptious pics of sweet Nadia!

  12. That sounds like fun! Glad you found some friends while there.

    I just can't get over how chunky miss Nadia is. She is so cute!

  13. Love the updates! You are certainly making memories and planting seeds along this journey. I see the sweet pic of Josi on your sidebar and know your heart must ache missing her. I can't wait for your girls to meet and for your family to be together forever.

    Much Love,

  14. Oh my friend, I just cannot wait to hug you i person.

    I remembered a few other things that worked great with feeding the girls while we were there:
    Instant oatmeal
    Scrambled eggs

    Come home SOOONNNNN!!!!!!

    Love you.

  15. We miss you all very much and it looked like the boys were missing their park date partners - it seems like the heat way is both here in Raleigh and Russia. I don't think I could make it without the air conditioning! Nadia loves her daddy and what a wonderful way for Jim to put his love for both his special girls in writing. I really, really think you could turn this into a book for families and acceptance. We are looking forward to adding Nadia to our small group family - you could just eat her alive she is so cute. We miss you and can't wait to hear that all the paperwork and court dates are finalized so we can get you back here. Go USA (for all of us deaf soccer fans - the TV sounds like it has bees in it from all those silly and noisy orns they blow in South Africa).
    See you soon, Jan, Jeff, Taylor and Ryan

  16. Hello! I have been following your Blog from a link from Saving Sofia. I am so loving every post you do. I live in Northern California, am a single Mom with three grown daughters, the youngest of whom is Miss Laurie Elizabeth, 30, who just happens to have Down syndrome. I would love to also be your Facebook friend, if you are on there.

    I think your whole family is just amazing and fantastic! I am wondering, will you be able to bring Nadia home with you this visit? She seems so happy and just so ready for her "forever" family!

    Much love, blessings and joy to you all,

    Donna Bourdet & Laurie Elizabeth
    (the profile pic is of Laurie Elizabeth last summer at the NDSC Convention in Sacramento)

    une 15, 2010 5:48 PM

  17. God's provision is PERFECT! Loved how He gives you just what you need, when you need it! Like these dear fellow believers, the soccer ball and yard for the boys and a lovely evening!