Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7th-SDA Appointment and My Mom's Birthday!

We're back at TGIFriday's for lunch and to use the internet again.  We're still not getting internet at our apartment even after a 2nd modem.  It looks like we may have to wait until we're in Zaprozhye before we have more consistent internet.  (Deep breaths! ha ha)

Today we went for our SDA appointment where I accepted the referral for Nadia.  Everyone who goes to the SDA in Ukraine gets to pass by this beautiful church and they usually post it on their blogs.  So I am too!

Serge took me up to the office while Jim and the boys stayed outside with his daughter Nicole who is here visiting from St. Louis for 2 months.  (Wish my Nicole were here with us!!!)  My part of the appointment was VERY quick.  In fact all the young lady asked me for was my passport.  That's it.  No questions, no inquiries as to why we want to adopt a special needs child.  Serge then read me Nadia's  first and last name from her file (which we already knew--Nadia Bersmyntx) and told me she has an open oval window (which we didn't know).  I prayed ahead of time for God to prepare us for any "surprises" and so this did not come as a surprise to me nor did it feel like one.  We don't know the extent of this heart condition but Her Maker certainly does.  We will hopefully find out more when we get to talk to the orphanage doctor.  The next 20min. of the appointment was Serge finding out more information on other children in the orphanage in Zaporozhye--I'm assuming so he can add them to his files to help find them families! 

This is me with Yulia, one of our main facilitators.  She is very sweet and has been so helpful since we've arrived.  Her first phone call to me was to let me know that she's available  for us 24/7.  That was very comforting!!! 

OK, somewhere along the way, some of you got the impression that I was wearing my fancy new shoes for both my SDA appointment and my Court appointment.  Let me clear things up.  This is what I wore today.  No fancy shoes--those babies aren't coming out of the suitcase until court day! (And yes, my suitcase did arrive last night at 6pm--woo hoo!)

Speaking of stilettos.  I'm not sure what this bumper sticker means but I had to take a picture of it!!!

Here is the tunnel we walk through to get to our apartment.

Here is a shot of the outside of our apartment.

And this is the climb from downtown walking back up to our apartment! I won't try this in heels!

Yesterday, we found a fresh food market and purchased some strawberries, bananas, and cherries.  As we were buying the fruit, a man approached Jim to ask for money.  The only reason we knew he was doing this was because the man who owned the fruit stand threw a cherry at the guy to get him to move along.  Said cherry then bounced off said man and proceeded to hit the lady selling us the fruit. We were startled but then got a good chuckle out of this new use for cherries!

While Allen was excited with our fruit stand find, my husband, a true motorhead, was THRILLED to find the Ferrari store across the street!  I would have taken more photos but was told to put my camera away after I snapped this one.  :)  I can always find a way to get in trouble--even 4,000 miles from home!

On our way home from the SDA today, we passed by the University of Kiev.  This building caught my eye (understatement) so I had to take a photo.  Isn't it great???  We're heading out to do more sightseeing in just a few minutes with Uncle Niko's daughter, Olena, so I'll have lots more to share tomorrow when we come back to TGIF.

But for now, I'll finish this post with a picture of my beautiful Mom who's birthday is today!!!  Happy Birthday Mom!  Wish we could be there to celebrate with you.  Hope you have a wonderful day!
Want to know something cool?  Today is Nadia's 1/2 birthday.  She is officially 2 1/2 today!!!


  1. What a great post with all the pictures--it makes it possible to see what y'all are seeing-Thanks!! :) Happy that all went well with the appt. and that you are still wrapped up in His peace-Love your outfit,you look beautiful, the locals probably think an American Celebrity is in town :) !!

  2. Great photos Kristin!
    Glad to see your luggage arrived in one piece. Love the pink building...never pictured that in the Ukraine, Bahamas maybe, but not Ukraine.
    Happy birthday Nonna!

  3. Another thing checked off of your "to do" list and ANOTHER step closer to bringing Nadia home:) YEAH!! LOVE your humor!!!!

  4. Love the pictures! So glad things are moving along smoothly. Praise God!
    Check out all the fresh produce behind Allen...how are the price compared to our coop?! ;)
    We are praying that you get your "pass" tomorrow to see Nadia. Can't wait to see pictures of you all with her!

  5. Wow, only internet at tgi fridays? That must be hard.... Hopefully you can get some in zaprozhye!! That church is BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I could see it in person!! That is quite a building!! (the red building)..... It looks like you guys are having fun!! I hope the plane ride and train ride went well!!! SOOO CLOSE to getting your little girl!!! WOOHOO!!! Happy Birthday Nonna- Yes I already called her!! :)

  6. Kristin, thanks for going to the trouble to give updates. I'm so glad you guys made it there safely and all is going well. I pray the rest of the adoption goes as smoothly as your appointment this morning.

    I love seeing your pics. You look great right down to your cute shoes. (Love the bumper sticker.) You're right, I have seen that beautiful church posted by so many other adopting friends. But it is the first time I've seen the big pink/red building. And the TGI Friday's cracks me up. We ate at one in Guatemala. Looks just like that one but with Spanish signs. (They always had American music videos from the 80's playing inside.)

    Happy birthday to your beautiful mom and 1/2 birthday to your beautiful new daughter.

    Much Love,

  7. Love all of the pictures! So glad that your suitcase showed up, especially with those knock-out shoes!

    Praying for each step for you ... modems, food, etc.

    How does the view from your Promised Land feel, sweetie?

  8. Don't know how you have time to do this on top of experiencing the journey, but thanks for posting! It seems like you are right next door. Hard to believe it's really happening!!!! May God bring you all home safe and sound. Prepare Nadia for lots of smooches from all the people who have been praying for her and you all!

  9. I LOVE the photos and the great description of all that is going on! I don't know the process in Ukraine but I am hoping that very very soon this blog includes a picture of you holding that beautiful baby!!!!

  10. Serge looks great! And say hello to Yulia for me :) Can't wait to see your next post!

  11. What an absolutely amazing journey. We are so thrilled and happy for you all. Can't wait for your next post.

  12. You are on an amazing journey, absolutely unforgettable! God's peace. I'll be praying for Nadia's heart condition. SO far looks and sounds like things are going so well.

  13. I hope this works - I loved all the pictures and we can't wait to see the picture of your first visit with Nadia. If Jim comes back with a new car we all get a free test drive!! Keep up the pace - take each day a minute at a time and you will finally be together as a family. Our prayers and heart go out to you so many miles away!!! Love you all!!
    Jan, Jeff, Taylor and Ryan Deckert

  14. Aaahhhhh you are soooooo darn cute!!!! LOVE the outfit :)

    Happy birthday to your mommy. I hope she had a special day. It's my Dad's birthday tomday too.

    I can't believe you have had such bad luck with your internet, I didn't have that at all. I would have died :) No internet is BAD NEWS!

    Can't wait for you to get on that train!

    Love you heaps.

  15. Love your photos and the descriptions of everything! It seems like all is going very smoothly. Can't wait to hear/see sweet Nadia!!!

    Praying for you,

  16. Oh your outfits and shoes are ADORABLE!!! You did WELL on the shopping for this trip!!! Good girl!!! :) Isn't the fashion in Ukraine interesting?!