Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Few Quick Pictures to Tie You Over

Today has been very busy, hot, and fun!  We had our morning visit with Nadia, drove through McDonald's for lunch, and went to the Cossack Museum with Ken Sears (our missionary friend).  Now we're back in the hotel for all of 30 minutes before our next visit to Nadia.  Here are some photos from yesterday afternoon's visit.  We went to the "music room" because of the heat and bugs outside. 

Daddy showing Nadia a new toy (one that all of our children played with when they were little).

Love this "concentration" face!  This girl is learning every minute!

Time to get up and move around!  Nadia is more inclined to run around in the music room than outside so we enjoy watching her newfound "freedom".

So happy with herself. :)

We brought this ball thinking that she would sit on our blanket and roll it back and forth with her brothers. HA!  This girl wants to throw it and then chase after it!

She wants her big brother Allen to throw it this time. :)

Time to tone things down and read a book with Michael. We're all sweating buckets at this point as we are at most of our visits--no air conditioning and outside it's been sunny and 90 about every day!

Time to hug and say good-bye again.  Only a few more days (prayerfully) of these good-byes!


  1. Love that shot of of Nadia hugging you, Kristin! She is so expressive!!! Love it ,too, when she purses her lips!!! Have a good day sightseeing!
    ps-do you get to see Nadia today???

  2. I can't get enough of this!!!

    I love it!

  3. Looks like she is sad to say goodbye with that last hug w/you! :) Thanks for the pictures!

  4. Ha Ha...get used to the sweating buckets...you are going to be RUNNING around chasing her at home...just like us!!

    It is awesome to see her doing so well :).

    Nadia and Alina did not have the same hairdresser. Nadia's hair has a much better cut than Alina's Rod Stewart mullet :)...and she's keeping the bows in! Lucky.

    Glad you got to see the Cossack Museum. I bet the boys found it interesting, too.

    Have a great rest of the weekend!!

  5. Love the photos!!!! Nadia looks so healthy and well taken care of - what a blessing! She also looks like she is already bonding with her new family. I'm so glad you have internet access where you are! These pics are such a treat.
    I'm continuing to pray for your family as you make the long trek home and introduce Nadia to her big sister . . . THOSE are some pics I really want to see (ha ha).

  6. O my goodness!! She is such a little chub chub!! I was at the beach this week so I didnt see this!!!! I am so anxious to meet her!!! P.s. that pic of her on your shoulder is priceless!!

  7. Kristen, Nadia is absolutely beautiful!! And SO expressive in all the pics you posted--it will take all 3 siblings & the dog to keep this little one entertained!! And how perfect that God gave 2 big brothers to the little girl who knows you're supposed to throw 'balls'!!! Can't wait to see the updated family pic when you bring Nadia home to be one of 4 children!

  8. I love that the five of you are having such good bonding time. Like Gretchen said, I can't get enough of this!!!
    Although I must say, I am a bit jealous that someone beat me to the "bow" punch. That is okay, I have ordered Miss Nadia some anyways from my friend in Lancaster.
    I can't wait to meet little Nadia! I know Bella is going to just love her!