Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

United At Last

We're so glad to be back in the United States and to be united with our Josi and family in PA. 

We left Kiev Tuesday morning at 5:30am--here we are at the Kiev airport at around 3:15am checking our baggage. 

After a 7hr. layover in Frankfurt, Germany, we finally boarded the plane for Philadelphia at 1:55pm Germany time.  I decided not to try to keep track of all the time changes and whether we should try to stay awake or sleep.  How nice it was to just go with the flow which I believe God truly honored because we all seem to be doing well so far with the time change.

Nadia decided a nap was a good thing to have so I enjoyed watching her sleep in her big girl airplane seat.

After spending an hour in the "Secondary Inspection-Border Control" area in Philadelphia, we finally got to see Josi and my parents on the other side of customs. We arrived at 4:15pm East Coast time but didn't get to see our family until 6pm. That was the worst part of the trip.  Otherwise our travel was smooth and uneventful.
  This girl was happy to be able to get down and walk around--can you tell?

The sisters get to meet at last!

Josi couldn't wait to hold Nadia and Nadia was happy to oblige--could this child be any easier?

Nonna finally gets her hands on her newest grandchild.  Lots of hugs and kisses!!

Grandpop's turn to get acquainted with yet another granddaughter.

First picture of the Four Fergusons Kiddos.  How fun!

We have been so blessed by the evidence of your prayers.  I told Allen and Michael on the flight home that we have truly been carried on wings of eagles throughout this entire 17 days in Ukraine.

My sister, Nicole, sent me an e-mail while we were in Ukraine with the beginning of a list of answers to prayers she had already observed on our journey.  Here is what she wrote:

The health of the 4 of you travellers(after exposure to Jessica, no one threw up or had fever)PRAISE

Nadia is the kuddly koala you had hoped she'd be PRAISE

You all have bonded w/her and the love is evident PRAISE

The boys are having a wonderful experience PRAISE

Josi is enjoying herself and feeling the love from her family here in PA PRAISE

You are meeting wonderful people and are creating amazing memories PRAISE

I'd like to add a just a few more of the many, many answered prayers!

Our body adjustments to the time changes have gone AMAZINGLY well.  Nadia slept from 9:00pm until 5:30am today without waking up during the night.  She went down at normal nap time today (1:00pm)!! HUGE PRAISE

My missing luggage when we got to Kiev made all the difference in our getting through customs with the large amount of cash we were carrying.  The girl who helped us process our lost luggage filled out the declaration form for us in such a way that no questions would be asked!

Nadia has bonded with Jim like he's always been her father.  I'm telling you...I don't stand a chance with either of my girls when it comes to their being Daddy's girls!!!

Thank you again for your prayers!!!  Going through this journey with ALL of you has made it that much  more amazing and special. 

Can't wait to post "Nadia in the pool" pictures.  After 3 traumatic bath experiences I was totally surprised that this girl LOVES the pool in my parents' backyard.  Guess we just need to get a bigger bathtub. :)


  1. LOVE the pictures of Nadia and Josi!! Sweet!

  2. So glad you are home and you're all together! Sweet picture of sisters.... love it.

  3. Welcome back to the states. We cannot wait until this weekend. The Fryes

  4. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I hope you have a blast in the pool with all four kiddos!! You have truly been the answer to many prayers and many praises and we can't wait to meet the newest Ferguson. All you need now is to get her use to the boat and the lake and she will be an All American girl. We can't wait to meet her this weekend - lots of hugs and kisses from the Deckerts!!!

  5. I'm looking forward to those pool pictures :o) So glad everything is going so beautifully!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful homecoming for Nadia! So glad she is proving to be such an easy baby! Another huge answer to prayer! Cannot wait to see you all.

  7. YAY! You are back in the USA! Love the pictures and Praise God everything went so well for you! I hope we get that lucky! :o)

  8. Why dont I have a tisuue at hand each time I read your blog??? I cant tell you how happy we are for you. The pictures tell the story so well and the blessing list was so beautiful. We cant wait to see you all and Nadia. I am so glad you are all back together again.

  9. Yay! Love the pics! I feel so famous for being mentioned in the blog :) haha... See You SOON!!!


    I am so glad you are all finally together and that you are back in the States.

    In some ways, it seems like only yesterday that I heard a family had committed to Nadia. But the fact that we are both sitting here with our little Cossacks--on this side of the ocean--tells another story all together. What a whirlwind the past six months have been!

    The international adoption process was grueling at times, but wasn't it also an amazing, life-changing experience? And look at the prizes we won. We're all so blessed!

    I wish we could have been there together, but we will just have to plan to meet up in the U.S.!

    Love to you all! CONGRATS!

    Lisa & Chris & family

  11. Oh Kristin,

    Few things are more beautiful than the homecoming of an adopted child. Perhaps that's the closest experience we will have on earth that resembles the reunion we'll some day have in heaven.

    What a joy it has been to "travel" with you on your blog, joining you through prayer. The long-awaited photos of Josi with Nadia were better than I had sketched in my head. And those sweet photos with your parents--oh my, more tears.

    What a happy ending and a beautiful beginning!

    Much Love,

  12. Praise, praise, praise ABSOLUTELY! How cute @her loving the pool vs. the tub. Another blogger I follow their son is just the opposite. Kids sure do know what they want. hehe

  13. Praises to the One who authored this story!! So glad you are back in the US and visiting family. LOVE the pic of Josi holding Nadia...so precious!

  14. I just have to say YAAAAY!!!! :)

  15. Congratulations and welcome back to the good ol' USofA. It is so good to see your family all together again.

  16. Oh my word--those pics of Nadia and Josi gave me chills STUNNING!

    17 days??????? Crazy...compared to my one hundred and seventeen :)

    Cannot cannot cannot wait to see you, friend.

  17. I'm sure it must feel so good to be back "home" and in welcome places and arms!

    So thrilled to see all of you together!

    Hope you have a wonderful, restful, and fun time with your family!

    -- Meg D.