Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Friday, June 11, 2010

Meeting New Friends and Our Sweetie Pie!

When we first decided on adopting from Ukraine, my parents mentioned that they had a missionary friend, Ken Sears, who has been serving in Ukraine for the past 15years.  I reminded my parents that Ukraine is about the size of Texas but they could send me his information and see if it would be reasonable to travel to meet him.  Turns out, Ken teaches at a bible college in the town of...you guessed it...Zaporozhye!!!  We began e -mailing each other and I had a package of donations for the orphanage sent to him so we could deliver it when we got here. 

So, this morning, we got to meet Ken and his good friend, Vova, who also works at the Zaporozhye Bible College.  Vova was kind enough to drive us over to the orphanage to deliver the clothes, blankets, socks, and shoes we had gathered and sent ahead.  We will meet up with Ken again tonight for dinner at "Sir Lancelot" restaurant which was recommended by some other adoptive families. Ken has never been there so hopefully this will be a treat for him too. :)

This is the lady who "checked in" the donations. Ken explained to her that we were adopting Nadia from this orphanage and then we showed her our family book.  She remarked at what a "large" family we had.  I had to chuckle at that because amongst some of our homeschooling friends, our family is considered to be on the smaller size.  She seemed very appreciative of the donated items.  None of this would have been possible without the generosity of Amy Winstead who donated these items from her consignment sale and a friend of my parents, Carol Terscha, who paid to have the box shipped to Ukraine!!!

When we got back to our hotel after our morning visit with Nadia, we finally got to meet the infamous Alexander.  If you don't know Alexander then you haven't read Jodi Lewandowski's blog.  ("Finding Hunter" on my sidebar).  She went on some amazing adventures with Alexander and has come to think of him as a treasured friend.  She sent gifts for him and I kidded with her that I was going to claim that they were from me so he would forget all about Yula (Jodi) and make me his new best friend. ha ha  I gave him a few gifts from us first, but then when I handed him Jodi's gifts and told him who they were from, I knew by the way his eyes lit up that he would NEVER dump Jodi for me.  (I know you're smiling from ear to ear now Jodi.)  He is as sweet as she described and even brought us a bag of fresh strawberries. What a guy!

Another gal I consider a new friend is Nadia's favorite groupa worker.  I am going to find out her name tonight because I want to put her picture in Nadia's memory book.  I know we have this young lady to thank for teaching Nadia how to love and be loved and we are forever grateful to her!!!  I also hope I can somehow send her updates on Nadia so she can see how she's doing. 

I just had to post this picture because it made me smile.  We gave the workers a bunch of bubbles and today they finally used them.  The kids were squealing and running around trying to pop them.  It is extremely hot here so all of the children are outside in just their underwear. :) 

And of course, I know better than to post without adding pictures of Miss Sweetness! She too was minding the heat today but she hung in there very well during our visit.  This girl is going to be in heaven when we bring her back to our air-conditioned hotel in a few more days. (Still not sure on our court date but you'll all know as soon as we know!)

Some of her adorable expressions as Michael read a book to her.

Those beautiful blue eyes that drew us in from the beginning.

Resting on Daddy's shoulder....ahhhh....what could be better?

Time to head back to the building for lunch and naptime.

Bye-bye sweet girl.  We'll see you in a few hours!!!


  1. Oh my. So sweet.

    So sad I won't meet this amazing Alexander. Good thing that Nadia won't be left behind Zap or I would have to grab her and run!

    No signs of any of our little sweeties?


  2. I am just loving these posts! Okay, so who is in Nadia's groupa? I can't believe that our girls were not together. I still think they may have been at some point.

    All of the pictures are wonderful! It looks and sounds like you are making the most of your trip...which is great...because it could a short one :)...so do it all now, while you can!

    You guys all look fabulous (despite the heat!)...fabulous and happy!! Nadia is just too much.

    So, so happy. We are all gathered around my computer to see the updates. The kids are oohing and ahhing over ever single picture of your newest little girl. How fun it is to experience this from "the other side".

    You'll be here, soon, too! I can't wait!

  3. What lovely pictures - Nadia is a beautiful, adorable little girl!!

  4. It's amazing to see the little changes that Nadia is already making! Walking between the two of you! Wow!



    When I can collect myself enough I'll try to post something witty. Although you TOTALLY got me back for the whole llama thing..and THEN SOME!

    he hee


  6. OK, I'm better now....

    So tell me, how was Alexander? Did you guys talk? Who translated? How did you get him to come to the hotel, how did you explain it? Maybe the staff there helped, they were very nice, esp. Olga.

    I'm so glad you met him and delivered 'the package' for me :)

    I double clicked on all of Nadia's pics and could stare at her all day she is so sweet! Now I want a little girl who looks just like her :) She really couldn't be more beautiful.

    It looks HOT there. But I bet it's perfect in the evening. How do you like the hotel?

    Have you been to the Potato House just down the street? It's pretty good :)

    Thinking of you and wishin I was there ;)


  7. What neat pictures and special memories in the making. You are officially in the family of "6" with your addition of Nadia so that will keep up with half of our group - you are now in the company of the Clades and the Fryes. We can't wait to add her into our small group and she has at least 12 laps to sit in (if we count all the girls - there will not be enough Nadia to go around). We are so happy for you all and Nadia looks like she is at home in your arms and between the two of you. You are such a blessing to one another. We can't wait to get our hands on your new addition.

  8. Kristin- I am sooo enjoying reading your blog as you continue this amazing journey. Nadia is SO beautiful!! I love the pics. Love them! She fits right into her new family. This is so exciting!!! I'm constantly checking to see if you have updated your blog :)

  9. What absolute SWEETNESS my friend. I know you're longing to scoop her up and run out of there with her :) SOON!!!!!

    Loving reading about your fun adventures in the Ukraine.

    Cannot wait to see you :)

  10. How do you look so good??! You all look great! And the pictures make me feel like we are there. To comment on jan's post. I thouight she ended by saying she couldnt wait to get her hands on a new additon! We should all have a least a family of 6!Well, that is my prayer!!! Talk about rescuing a child!

  11. Fun times! Love that pic w/Nadia walking between you and Jim, was she liking it, or did she want to be held? Loving all your new outfits!!!!! :)

  12. Ooooooooooh, also love how Nadia's sweet smile is making it onto so many other's lovely blogs!! What an awesome support network that is out there for you and your Fam!!! :)

  13. This is awesome!! A dream come true for all of you. Congratulations. I am soooo excited because I know we will be able to see her in person (eventually when you settle in). She is a doll.

  14. What a neat "small world" story!

    We love every precious photo of Nadia. Our favorites today are of you guys walking hand in hand with her and the one of her waving good-bye.

    You remain in our prayer!

    Much Love,

  15. SHE IS SOOOOOOO PRECIOUS!!!! She couldn't be any cuter!!